Starbucks and the Act of Deciding

starbucks.jpgWhen many of us think of our "job," the first word to come to mind is not often "yippee!" But did you know that as an employee, you actually have the choice about whether or not you enjoy your job? Yes, the sheer act of deciding to like your job is the first step in making your nine-to-fives (or ten-to-sixes) more enjoyable. If you’re an employer, did you know that creating an atmosphere in which employees love their jobs is not only not as expensive and time consuming and touchy feely as you might think, but can also save you gobs of money in advertising as well? Sometimes, the quickest way to sidestep Adultitis is to simply change the way you think…

Read the interesting insights from marketing guru Seth Godin.

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  1. Could be why they’re in Fortune 500s best companies to work for. I want to work there just for the Fraps HA!!

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