Adam’s Ants

I wanted to pass along this opportunity to make a difference by doing little things. I am ant #31…

adams_ant.gifAnts are nature’s example of how little things, done by many members of the community, can create a very large impact. When each member does a little for the good of all, we can move mountains.

“Adam’s Ants” is a virtual community established on November 17, 2005. It was founded in response to a request for support from Adam Rose, the volunteer coordinator, at the AmeriCorps installation in Pass Christian, MS (say “Pass Christy Ann). This small town of 7,000 was devastated by Hurricane Katrina.  Months after the destruction, the needs of the destroyed communities in the Gulf Coast seemed to be fading from the public eye. With the loss of widespread media attention, relief teams are experiencing diminished assistance from volunteers and donors. Unfortunately the need for help is still very great and will continue to be great for many months.

The name of the grassroots, email-based organization was inspired by the ant, a creature that can move many times its own body weight and works for the good of its community. Anyone can join Adam’s Ants. There is no age limit. You can do it from your home. There are only two requirements:

1–You are willing to receive and read the flow of information concerning Pass Christian and what is needed there.

2–You are willing to use your heart, your head, and your hands to assist the victims of this tragedy in the ways that you are able. This might be offering an idea, purchasing a gift, upholding all in prayer, supporting a volunteer, going to help in Pass Christian, driving supplies down…….the possibilities are endless.

There is much to be done in the Gulf Coast, but “Adam’s Ants” will focus on the needs of Pass Christian. We expect to be needed for at least the next 24 months. Join us by contacting the group at  We’ll welcome you and do our best to keep you up-to-date on ways you can help. You do not have to commit for any length of time and may join or leave as you wish.

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  1. […] Jason: After dismissing any thoughts of writing a million dollar check to The Make-A-Wish Foundation, I thought about how often children draw pictures to show their support. I was inspired to use my artistic skills to lend support to a cause I have been supporting. A while back in my blog, I mentioned a small — but growing daily — group called Adam’s Ants who have banded together to support a town in Mississippi that was ravaged by hurrican Katrina. […]

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