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Adam’s Ants

I wanted to pass along this opportunity to make a difference by doing little things. I am ant #31…

adams_ant.gifAnts are nature’s example of how little things, done by many members of the community, can create a very large impact. When each member does a little for the good of all, we can move mountains.

“Adam’s Ants” is a virtual community established on November 17, 2005. [Read more…]

The Chocolate Factor

truffles.jpgSmart companies know the advantages of adding a little dash of childlike nostalgia into their business plan. In fact, some companies have constructed entire business models around it. Take Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge, for example. Described as a “new place to chocolate and chitchat,” these lounges have combined the very childlike loves of great chocolate and fancy tea parties and added a grown-up spin. They’re based in Chicago area, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they started springing up elsewhere. [Read more…]

Paper or Plastic?

I officially hate grocery shopping.

I went this morning and I found myself moving rapidly from a calmly curable Stage 1 Adultitis (due to early morning grumpiness) to a severe case ofunavoidable.jpg Full-blown Adultitis. I think I would rather be sitting in a dentist chair. I know that’s a bold statement, but I have pretty ‘good’ teeth.

So, instead of dreading it every time our stomachs are growling, I am choosing to change my strategy a bit. How can I avoid the dark grumpy rain clouds that form over my head each time I am grabbing that cart? I looked online for some ideas only to be very disappointed. Either I am the only one who hates grocery shopping or I am the only one looking to do something about it. [Read more…]

Birthday Blues

I ran across this blog today entitled “Tomorrow is Another Day” by a woman in Japan who goes by “Middle-Angel.” She commented about her birthday,

‘Yesterday I turned 54. Just unbelievable. I’m not wise enough for my age. I’m not deep enough for my age. I’m not generous enough for my age. In conclusion therefore, I should go much further to make myself accomplished.’

I think Middle-Angel’s thoughts are pretty common. Especially when we move closer to landmark birthdays (the ones with the 0’s in the ones place), we start freaking out about our lives and what we’ve done with the time we’ve been given. What actually makes one ‘accomplished,’ anyway? [Read more…]

Top Ten Kim & Jason Holiday Gifts

dinosaur_wish.jpgI’ll be the first to admit that I am perfectly content sleeping in the Friday after Thanksgiving. I’m no Scrooge, but I will say that I don’t care for the lines or crowds while shopping. By the time you actually get in line you are ready to go. You probably should’ve left ten minutes ago. [Read more…]

My 8 Little Things

Last night Jason posted his list of 8 little things he is thankful for (besides his faith, good health, family and friends, etc.). chocolatefudge.jpg

So, here’s mine:

1. My fleece pants.
2. My mom’s hot fudge sauce (if I shared the recipe I’d have to kill you).
3. The smells and sounds of firewood crackling in a fireplace.
4. My favorite show “Three Wishes[Read more…]

Top 10 Kim & Jason Christmas Gifts

Even though the big retailers officially start the holiday shopping season sometime  between Independence Day and Halloween, I could not get myself to begin the Christmas push much earlier than right about now. Perhaps my restraint cost us some sales, but I’m hoping you’ll consider shopping the Kim & Jason Lemonade Stand for gifts that fall under the description of thoughtful, unique and fun. (Please note that fruitcake falls short on all three points.)

Check out our handy dandy Top 10 List of Holiday Christmas Gifts to save both time and money. Our humble "little company that could" appreciates your patronage this holiday season.

8 Little Things I’m Thankful For

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I’m getting ready to check out for the long weekend. Kim and I are heading home to Illinois. We’ll spend Thanksgiving Day at her mom and dad’s place, and celebrate turkey day on Friday with my family. That’s right, one trip home, two Thanksgiving dinners. Be still, my frightened bathroom scale.

Anyway, if you listened to our recent podcast, you probably heard some of our ideas on how to put the “thanks” in Thanksgiving. I am grateful for my friends and family, my health, my faith, the opportunity to do what I love, and my beautiful wife. The big things like this are pretty obvious, but still easy to take for granted.

Since it is Thanksgiving eve and I preach a lot about the importance of little things, I’ve decided to put together a list of 8 little things I’m thankful for. [Read more…]

High-Class Ho-Hos

snoopy_sno_cone.jpgSome people assume that “escaping adulthood” requires a complete departure from grown-up tastes and sophistication. Hardly.

Let’s be honest; we may have enjoyed the delicacies produced by our Easy-Bake oven or our Snoopy Sno-Cone machine, but it wasn’t like we had free range of Mom’s oven or blender. I’m not advocating a return to a barbaric and unrefined lifestyle. I’m just not a big fan of boorish adult pretension. I think it’s really cool when people find ways to add a dash of childlike spirit into the ostentatious havens of Adultville.

Like gourmet cooking. [Read more…]

Time For the Tree

charliebrowntree.gifIn three days there will be hundreds of thousands of Christmas trees being put up and decorated. When I was little we always put our Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving. While searching I found that this year you can actually put up the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. shares,

‘Well, Urban Outfitters has recreated that same little Christmas Tree. For $24 it can be yours: to display in all its pathetic misery, or to turn into something wonderful yourself.’ [Read more…]

EA #4: Thoughts on Thanksgiving

In this podcast, brought to you from Madison, Wisconsin, we share some thoughts on Thanksgiving. Also, Jason talks about our iTunes issues, we reveal the promotion winner from our last show, and Kim has a few things to share about a recent book she read to help you overcome Adultitis.

Listen now by clicking play below.  [Read more…]

The Big Brown Picture

About a month ago right before Halloween, Jason posted a blog about how “Adults Are Ruining Everything.” The conversation started with The Madison School District ‘not encouraging’ classrooms to have costume parties for Halloween. Yesterday I ran across a blog along the same lines posted on Blogging Baby, which is a online magazine about pregnancy, baby care and parenting. If any of those four words connect with your life, you will want to check out this blog. It is really well done. Actually, none of those words currently connect to my life, and I am really enjoying it. Sarah Gilbert wrote about ‘Banning holiday talk from schools: how PC can you go?’ She talks about the epidemic of taking holidays out of everything and replacing them with the seasons. She writes,

[Read more…]

Props to the Box

I have mentioned the National Toy Hall of Fame before. I am happy to report that there are some new inductees. This year’s class includes Jack-in-the-Box, Candy Land, and (drum roll please) the cardboard box. [Read more…]

Stretch Yourself

A good number of us these days spend the majority of our nine-to-five hours in front of a computer screen, myself included. Most of us are contained in a cube, in one form or another. I challenge you to join me incubes.jpg the journey of making that cube a place you love to be. I have tried to create a work environment for myself that reflects ‘me’ while encouraging productivity and playfulness. So, while there are kid pictures of me and Jason on my bulletin board, I also have inspiring quotes, and pictures of people who remind me why I am doing what I am doing everyday. One picture is of my hero, Kyle. Jason’s office has been a huge inspiration to me. Kids love visting his office! It is a collage of colors and childhood, adorned with action figures, retro toys, and cool art. My descriptions could never do it justice. You’ll just have to come by and see. [Read more…]

Laughing More

My sister-in-law Katie does this thing every once in a while Gorilla.jpgwhere she will demonstrate a bunch of different types of laughs. Unless you are the Grinch with a serious case of Adultitis, it is hard not to laugh along with her. Laughter is contagious, which is why this new trend of ‘laughter yoga’ is catching on. Have you heard of it? Elina Valkonen shares in a recent article in SixDegrees Magazine that the 2,500 laughter yoga classes worldwide are really helping to improve peoples’ health, relationships, and overall mood. [Read more…]


As I mentioned a few posts back, we’re slated for a trip to Fort Worth, Texas this coming weekend for a speaking engagement. Today there is a nice article in the Fort Worth Business Press written by Mike Price. Especially interesting is his discussion about kidults and his care to distinguish between being childlike and childish.

I’ll add that to The Press Room, which houses a bunch of other media clippings of varying interest.

Passionately Frustrated

One of Jason’s ‘8 Secrets’ is to live passionately. Kids just do this. Ttantrum.jpghey do not need to be told to ‘look alive.’ So many times, as adults, we walk around kind of numb to life. A fellow blogger reminded me of this in a recent post. [Read more…]

Follow the Red Brick Road

While in Boston Jason and I got a chance to walk part of The Freedom Trail. It is a 2.5 mile red brick or red painted line J-FreedomT.jpgthat travels through Beacon Hill, downtown Boston, the North End and Charlestown. It travels through and by some of the most historically notable stops in the area. It is pretty hard to loose your way with the red line as your guide. Occasionally Jason and I were busy looking at something ‘old’ or talking and we would take a wrong turn, only to quickly notice that we were no longer following the red trail.

I wish God would pave my way with a red stripe. [Read more…]

And Who Are You?

game_pieces.jpgDad’s working late — again. Mom’s picking the baby up at day care and dropping Sissy off at soccer. Junior is in his room playing video games. Who knows when they’ll next be all together under the same roof.

Spending time with your family. Now that’s a novel concept.

It didn’t used to be, of course. It sounds like it still isn’t in Germany. According to Nick Medinger, marketing director of Funagain Games: [Read more…]

Like a Fine Wine

Now that I’m back from the East coast speaking jaunt (next up: Fort Worth, Texas) here are a few curious facts and thoughts:

Most of our time was spent in (or should I say on) Rhode Island. Fr. Gray informed us that the actual name of the state is Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, which simultaneously makes it the smallest state with the longest name. Newport, the southernmost town on the original Rhode Island, was beautiful. [Read more…]

The New Bouncer


It’s fun when you spot some childlike playfulness in the most unexpected places. Jason and I spotted this little guy in front of a restaurant in Newport, RI. Looks like R2’s taller brother.

Wicked Good

clam_chowder_200509.jpgKim and I are just outside of Boston this morning. I’m almost at the end of a busy 3-day speaking tour here on the east coast. We were in Portsmouth, Rhode Island on Sunday, Boston last night, and we’re on our way back to Portsmouth for another presentation tonight. We’ve been able to sneak in a little sight-seeing, but this nagging head cold is really bringing me down. It’s the story of my life.

Back when I was a kid, I would always get sick around big holidays: Halloween, Christmas, birthdays. Just too much excitement for my little body to take. Well, my body is a little bigger these days, but apparently it’s still too small to handle all of the excitement emoticon

[Read more…]

FTERA, Do You Have It?

I have been given many good fortunes in my life but few compare to the blessing of my in-laws. Jason and I are constantly acknowledging how blessed we are by the excellent role models we have in both of our parents. I got an email from my father-in-law the other day, who just happens to be one of the wisest people I know. He has identified a condition that often accompanies Adultitis, which he called FTERA (Failure To Enjoy Recent Accomplishments).

Do you have this condition? [Read more…]

A Simple Way to a Great Day

smiles.jpgThe cool thing about kids is that they’ll say hi to absolutely anyone. They don’t wait for a “proper introduction” or feel weird about talking to someone they’ve never met. I don’t know about you, but when Kim and I are on a walk in the neighborhood, and some random kid says “hi” as we walk by his front yard, that just makes me feel good. It’s like a warm sugar cookie for my soul. [Read more…]

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