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On Grass, Oak Trees, and Violets

The grass is always greener on the other side.

What is it about us that makes that old cliché ring so true? Last Friday, Kim and I went to an Andrew Peterson concert. It was a pretty small venue, and we got great seats. After only a few songs, I was in total awe. I was mesmerized by Andrew’s musical gifts, melodic harmonies, and brilliant songwriting. I secretly wished that I could be so musically inclined. I was bummed — and a bit jealous — that God had not bestowed upon me the ability to play a guitar in a fashion that wasn’t reminiscent of a train derailment.

violet.jpg [Read more…]

Affiliate This

K&J Affiliate ProgramAttention bloggers, web site owners, and e-zine administrators: If you’re interested in the idea of making some money with very little effort, take a gander at the brand new Kim & Jason affiliate program. [Read more…]

Recapturing What?

I love books that give me ideas of things to do to either make my life more fun, more fulfilling, or more simple. Usually these books make their points quickly in short chapters, which happens to be a style I enjoy. Without slamming this title, I picked up a book the other day that seemed as though it was going to give me ideas of things to do to recapture ‘my youth.’ I thought I had found something right up my alley until I read a few of the chapter titles. Some of the ideas were just plain irresponsible and dumb, things such as ‘Yell at someone,’ ‘Pierce something other than your ear,’ and ‘Charm your way into our out of something.’ You get the idea. I don’t think this is the youth that is worth recapturing. Yes, all of us ‘Adults’ were once immature teenagers. I really have no desire to return to the teenage years. [Read more…]

Passion: Good For What Ails Ya

What are you passionate about? What do you absolutely, unequivocally LOVE to do? The one thing that makes time fly by like a caffienated roadrunner?

Now for the Ed Sullivan “really big” question: How much time do you spend doing it?

If stress has its death grip on you and you REALLY want to Escape Adulthood (and if you don’t, why are you here?) you need to spend more time on the things you are passionate about. [Read more…]

Time Travel on a Budget

Be honest. When was the last time you read a children’s book…minus the audience of a child nearby? It’s been a while for me, but I can easily remember some of my favorites: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Where the Wild Things Are, George’s Marvelous Medicine, The Twits, and Where the Sidewalk Ends. True classics. My third grade teacher read the Roald Dahl books (Medicine and Twits) to us in class, and I still remember the colorful descriptions painted in words.

Jen Robinson has a pretty cool blog promoting “the love of books by children and the continued reading of children’s books by adults.” I was particularly struck by a post entitled, “Why You Should Read Children’s Books as an Adult.” She outlines some really great points. Here’s my favorite: [Read more…]

EA #6: How To Annihilate Adultitis

In this podcast, brought to you from Madison, Wisconsin, we discuss our plan to annihilate Adultitis, interview someone who is joining us on our crusade, reveal the winner of the promotion from our last podcast, and talk about our newest favorite TV show. All this plus a money back enjoyment guarantee. What a deal, huh?

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The Conspiracy Against Childhood

". . . in all our efforts to provide "advantages" we have actually produced the busiest, most competitive, highly pressured and over-organized generation of youngsters in our history and possibly the unhappiest."
Eda LeShan, US writer

I couldn’t agree more. If we don’t get our acts together, it’s going to be awfully hard to find someone twenty years from now that has a childhood worth looking back on. Shame on us. (See also Einstein on Ritalin)

Possibly Relevant

I was interviewed on a Catholic radio station (Relevant Radio) a few weeks back. Here’s a link for those of you interested in listening. (You can find my ramblings about halfway through.)

Sweet Tooth’s Trip Down Memory Lane

blow-pops_small.jpgI’d wager a bet that you probably have a list of favorite candy from your youth. Between Little League games and swimming lessons, my family spent a lot of time at the park, patronizing concession stands. (In fact, I was co-manager of the Peru pool concession stand one summer.) I remember being a master at stretching my allowance, claiming an assortment of Pixi Stix, Blow Pops, and Laffy Taffys for just 50¢. I’ve wondered if they still make any of these treasured candies, or if they’re only available on the shelf of my memory. [Read more…]

Get it Right, Doctors

I’m not one to really follow the lives of celebrities. Honesty, I feel like celebrities are the high school “cool kids.” Why do we care about them? I’ll admit that I know much less than most people about the latest Hollywood gossip.

Even though I’m pretty clueless in this area, I sure seem to hear a lot about celebrities contracting the disease called…Exhaustion. The list is astounding really – Colin Farrell, Ashlee Simpson, Mariah Carey, Ruben Studdard, Eminem. The list goes on and on. Recently Helen A. S. Popkin, a MSNBC contributor, wrote an article joking about this trend. She writes: [Read more…]

Ron Burgundy Wins Best Actor Award

anchorman.jpgThe entertainment award season is upon us. Question: Why don’t more comedies get nominated for the big awards?

Answer: Because the people voting for the awards are stricken with Adultitis. [Read more…]

Cartoonists Say The Darndest Things

Because I get a lot of requests for my speaking schedule, I thought I should mention (sorry for the late notice) that I’ll be speaking at St. Ann Church in Stoughton, WI this Sunday. That’s January 15th from 2:00-4:00pm. It’s actually open to the public, which is why I mention it. It’s geared for people ages 5-105, so if you’re anywhere near the Madison area, stop by for a fun time.

That is all. Except a link to a Map

Today’s Entrepreneurs

The other day we flew into San Francisco and made our way to the infamous “Fisherman’s Wharf.” It was there that I saw some very creative entrepreneurs. In most touristy areas you will surely find a handful of street entertainers. In Madison on State Street, along side the shops adoring cheese heads,Silver-guy.jpg you’ll be sure to also find guitarists and singers, spray paint artists, maybe a saxophone player, and even sometimes if you’re lucky a whole folk band. Well, on the Wharf I saw this taken to a whole new level. One man was dressed as a robot, from head to toe in silver. Every time someone would come up to him, usually children, he would move in his robot stiff-body movements, the little fans on his shoulders would rotate and would make a noise. He’d reach into his pocket and pull out a sucker for the child. He stood next to a large boom box that blared rap music. This was fascinating to me. [Read more…]

I Forgot The Grappling Hooks

alcatraz.jpgKim and I are back from San Francisco. What an excellent trip it was. Both speaking engagements went splendidly. The family program was a blast. I always love how the dads sheepishly come up to me afterwards saying how much they got out of it. (Including references to superheroes and Star Wars helps, I’m sure.) [Read more…]

Live Life On Purpose

Kim and I are off to San Francisco early tomorrow. Too early.

I am looking forward to the speaking engagements I’m scheduled for. On Sunday, I’ll be doing an afternoon family retreat in Redwood City, and on Monday night we’ll be in Pleasanton for a faith enrichment series for adults. Hopefully somewhere in between, I’ll be able to drop Kim off at Alcatraz…heh heh heh. [Read more…]


I love this picture of my husband.


Forever a Good Song

The other day I was browsing the artists on my iPod and came upon a classic, ‘Forever Young,’ by Rod Stewart. I decided to really listen to the words and was reminded how touching this song is. I heard someone say recently that we need to ‘bless’ other people more. This song is like a blessing. May you remain forever young. That’s my wish.baruchWiner.gif

May the good Lord be with you
Down every road you roam
And may sunshine and happiness
surround you when you’re far from home
And may you grow to be pround
Dignified and true
And do unto others
As you’d have done to you
Be courageous and be brave
And in my heart you’ll always stay [Read more…]

Follow Your Passion

play_fort.jpgNow this is just plain cool. I know that “cartoonist” ranks pretty high on the list of fun jobs, but “play fort designer” is right up there too. If you have about $100,000 to burn — and who doesn’t? — you can have Barbara Butler custom design a backyard play structure. (Non-custom designs will run you about $80,000 less).

I especially like her philosophy:  [Read more…]

Adios Adultitis

Well, it all starts today – The Escape Plan. If you haven’t seen the ‘official’ trailer, watch it here. As I said to Jason yesterday, "Well, enjoy it. Today is our last day of privacy for the next 40 days." On our last day of this project, February 11, Jason will turn 30 years old. We are hoping to be Adultitis free by then.

40 Days. 2 People. 1 Crusade. A crusade to annihilate Adultitis.

Goodbye Adultitis

40 Days. 2 People. 1 Crusade. A crusade to annihilate Adultitis.

The Escape Plan. 

Blast from the Past

As a new year begins, here are some of my favorite posts from last year. Perfect for new readers to this blog, as well as for people who enjoy reading things twice…

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