The Rose Bowl Parade in Black and White

My passion lies in helping people go seek their hidden childlike spirit. I believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the world would be unimaginably better if everyone was just 10% more childlike (not sure how one would even measure that, so don’t ask.) I do fear, however, that my plea comes across as an idealistic, free spirit, give peace a chance echo from the sixties. I assure you, I may be a dreamer, but I am no hippie. (I worshiped Alex P. Keaton, for crying out loud.)

rose_bowl_float.jpgHowever, when we let our childlike spirit slowly slip away, life does get worse. We become more stressed, anxious, and cynical. Life takes on an air of monotony. When Adultitis sets in, life is like watching the Rose Bowl parade on a black and white television: all the floats and flowers are there, but we can’t help but wonder, “Isn’t there more to it than this?”

My aim is to spread this message far and wide. I hope that I can convey it as equally relevant to the stay at home mom of three and the high level executive in the three-piece suit. A world without Adultitis is in the best interest of everyone, from hippies to housewives, from kids to capitalists.

Life is meant to be lived in full color. Is yours?

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