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Halloween Happiness

A surefire way to Escape Adulthood this week is to carve a pumpkin. I know, it seems too simple, but sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones. On my morning walk (or waddle, as Jason calls it), I love seeing all of the jack-o-lanterns adorning the walkways and stoops of houses in our neighborhood. They bring a smile to my face.

When you’re living with Adultitis, you often find yourself making excuses for why you are not having that extra fun. You haven’t carved a pumpkin yet this fall because… well, it’s messy, for one. Plus, you haven’t even bought a pumpkin, so you’d have to take time to go get one. Plus, they rot so quickly- what’s the point, really?! Well, set all of the excuses aside, and trust me on this one… it will instantly remove any stress and worry that may be keeping your heart beating a bit faster than it needs to. [Read more…]

The Joy of Not Knowing

Anticipation is the electricity of childhood-Jason Kotecki

There is something lacking in our society today.

I believe it’s one of the reasons Adultitis is so rampant.

These days, we are in short supply of anticipation.

Remember the days when you’d use most of October to dream up and analyze myriad Halloween costume ideas before settling on the perfect one? Remember using Herculean effort to try and fall asleep on Christmas Eve, even though visions of what might be in Santa’s bag made that nearly impossible? Remember fantasizing about what sort of Valentine message you’d get from the person you secretly had a crush on?

Anticipation is the electricity of childhood. [Read more…]

EA #38: Are Adults Ruining Halloween?

In this episode of the Escape Adulthood Show, brought to you from studio 315 in Madison, Wisconsin, we talk about adults who are ruining Halloween, how the economy is affecting things, and a restaurant that is serving snake on its holiday menu. We also read some fun and funny Halloween memories submitted by listeners. Just click “Play” to listen to the show… [Read more…]

Tip of the Week: Laugh Attack

This week’s Escape Plan challenge (aka our Tip of the Week) is #32: Laugh Attack: Do something that will get you to laugh out-loud (one that puts you in danger of peeing your pants a little bit).

It’s not news how important laughter is. As Jason says in his speaking programs,

“Laughter is the natural stress release valve.”

Even though it’s a challenge these days with bad news everywhere, it’s actually more important than ever to be working toward those 400 laughs a day that four-year-olds are managing.

With Halloween just four days away, why not have a little fun this week, ensuring some laugh out-loud hyjinks? [Read more…]

Goofy Dads

I was blessed to have grown up in a household with a super fun dad. Every 4th of July I would wake up to the sound of fire crackers being set off outside my bedroom window, along with patriotic music blaring from the living room. Every April 1st he’d wake us up with a big story for us about school being canceled or a snow storm that hit overnight. My dad is one of those fun dads!

I am confident Jason will be one of these dads. Afterall, it is true what they say about marrying someone like your dad. Jason proves this theory on a daily basis.

We ran across another fun dad last week at a speaking program in La Crosse, WI. He came up to us after the event and shared this story…

One weekend his grown children, wife and grandkids had decided to head up to their cabin for a getaway. He was not able to join them because of some obligations at work. His family went up on Friday night and soon after they left it became apparent that he would be able to get out of his work obligations and join them. He decided to make his change of plans quite the surprise. [Read more…]

The Certainty of Uncertainty

The biggest news of the last month has not been the election, but the economy. From bad loans to bloated bailouts, the losing of jobs to politicians losing their minds…it seems as though the downturn is on everyone’s mind.

And causing a LOT of stress.

The worst of the stress comes when we fixate over things we can’t control. As the media, politicians, and pointy-headed pundits like to point out, we are living in uncertain times. But think about this: Are we ever living in certain times? Does any one of us ever know what next year will bring, much less next month or even tomorrow? Life, by default, is uncertain. Maybe you’ll live to be a hundred. Maybe you’ll get hit by a bus tomorrow. Only God knows the future.

There is no sense getting ourselves all worked up about things that are largely out of our control. Should we be concerned about this economic mess? Of course. Should we do what we can to get things back on track? You bet. But let’s leave fear out of the equation. [Read more…]

EA #37: Toby Sells on Making Monsters for Movies & TV

In this episode of the Escape Adulthood Show, brought to you from studio 315 in Madison, Wisconsin, we interview Toby Sells, who runs his own creature makeup effects shop and makes creatures and gore effects for film and television. We also talk about the World Series, baby showers, and embarrassing teenagers. Just click “Play” to listen to the show… [Read more…]

Tip of the Week: Spoiled Rotten

This week’s Escape Plan challenge (aka our Tip of the Week) is #33: Spoiled Rotten: For no reason at all treat yourself to something out of the ordinary.

With Trick or Treats coming up in only ten days, it’s a good reminder that it’s okay to treat yourself every once in a while… just because. In light of the recent financial fears it’s more important than ever to recognize that you don’t always have to wait for that big trip to Disney Land to get a reprieve from the grind. Life is too short to push off happiness. Take a few minutes to think about something that would make you grin from ear to ear… then take the necessary steps to put it into action. Here are a few easy (and inexpensive) ideas to get you started…

• Loving all of the Halloween candy out in the stores? Buy a bag, put it on your desk, and allow yourself one per day. (Everything in moderation!) [Read more…]

A Sneak Peek at the Childlike Side of Madison

This past summer (before Kim looked like she swallowed a Thanksgiving turkey whole), we took a week off, rented a fancy schmancy video camera, and filmed the childlike side of Madison. Among other things, we hung out in the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, toured an ice cream factory, and danced in front of 7,000 baseball fans while wearing sumo suits.

The post-production is well underway, and we’re planning to release a DVD of the adventure sometime in 2009. Club K&J members will be privy to several sneak peeks along the way (stay tuned for the first segment next week!), but for now, here is a little trailer we put together:

YouTube Preview Image

Meet Oscar Pinto

Our featured fan is Oscar Pinto. Oscar shares,

The two images are of me blowing bubbles for my son, Marcus.

• My hometown is… Mumbai, India, but I currently live in Hackensack, NJ.

• My biggest dream… is for my wife and son to always be happy. I’d also like to one day move closer to the Midwest where my wife’s family lives.

• My inspiration… is my mom, who supported me so much in life and did all she could to make sure I had a great education.

• When I was a kid, I… wanted to be a professional cricket player.

One way I stay childlike is… making my son laugh. He loves bubbles, so I spend a lot of time blowing bubbles for him to pop.

• What I know so far is…
to appreciate what you have and to not think the grass is greener on the other side.

• My favorite thing about “Kim and Jason” is… the Lemonade Stand. It makes me feel good knowing a percentage of the purchase price goes to charity.

Tip of the Week: Time Traveler

This week’s Escape Plan challenge (aka our Tip of the Week) is #34: Time Traveler: Think about some of the things you liked to do as a child. Pick one and do it.

The point of this challenge is to get you thinking back on your fondest childhood memories and to resurrect some of those magical moments, bringing them into your present day. This is a guaranteed way to eliminate the Adultitis in your life… at least for the moment. Unless your memory is triggered by a photograph, childhood toy, or an old friend, the busyness of life makes it very easy to forget memories from childhood.

When I was little my cousins would come over in the summer for days at a time. We would play and play and play- putting on theater productions (acting out Shel Silverstein’s goofy poems), playing “house”, swimming, riding bikes, etc. My head (and heart) is filled with countless memories I will cherish forever. [Read more…]

Ginormously Fun Goals

Even in this “supersize it” culture, there’s something magically childlike about seeing the world’s largest pumpkin. Steve Connolly turned his hobby into a passion, setting a personal goal of growing the biggest pumpkin in the world!

How childlike is this?!

Apparently the conditions were “just right” this year in Sharon, Massachusetts, which helped to bring his record setting pumpkin to a whopping 1,878 lbs… and its still growing about 11 lbs. per day! Yikes! The coolest thing to think about, though, is that this very same pumpkin started from a seed just five months ago. Whew… I’m sure glad this baby of ours isn’t growing at the rate. Although I do feel like I’m carrying around quite the pumpkin, I’m thrilled it’s not the world’s largest… or is growing 11 lbs. a day!

There are two lessons that jump out to me from this story. [Read more…]

The Official Drink of Halloween

Photo by Saffanna

Photo by Saffanna

Move over, blood! In a move that is sure to outrage vampires everywhere, chocolate milk has been declared the official drink of Halloween.

This according to the Milk Processor Education Program. You know, the Got Milk? people.

(On a related note, I can also tell you it is the official drink of pregnant women looking to reach their required daily intake of calcium but are sick and tired of regular milk. Well, at least pregnant women named Kim.)

Of course, this is part of a marketing ploy designed to encourage moms to buy more milk for their kids. What I want to know is who made them the boss? How come they get to decide what the official drink of Halloween is? Maybe I’ve been inundated with too many campaign commercials, but don’t we get a vote in the matter? Certainly there are a few other options that should be up for nomination. [Read more…]

EA #36: 6 Easy But Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas

In this episode of the Escape Adulthood Show, brought to you from studio 315 in Madison, Wisconsin, we talk about llamas (again), the hidden danger of sour candy, our latest trip to Boston, and share 6 easy but awesome Halloween costume ideas. Just click “Play” to listen to the show… [Read more…]

Tip of the Week: Hero For a Day

This week’s Escape Plan challenge (aka our Tip of the Week) is #35: Hero For a Day: Do something to make the day of a child.

In almost all of Jason’s speaking programs he talks about a problem that many adults have, which is that they live by rules that don’t exist. One example he gives is how I accomplished Challenge # 11 during our original undertaking of The Escape Plan. I decided to eat dessert first. Why? Because there’s no rule saying I can’t! It was glorious! In yesterdays intergenerational program (ages 5-105) Jason asked the kids “How many kids here would like to have dessert first?” The entire flock of five-year-olds through high schoolers excitedly cheered!

He then went on to remind the adults that when we were all little we felt this way, and our parents assured us that it would ruin our appetites. Right then and there we made a secret pledge with ourselves that when we grow up we will have dessert first whenever we want. Upon saying this he asked the adults, “Raise your hand if you’re over the age of 18 and you’ve had dessert first in the last month.” Out of 300 adults, about five (proudly) raised their hands. [Read more…]

Presidential Adultitis Forum: Barack Obama

With the presidential election season in full swing, many people are still undecided. People want to know where the candidates stand on the issues. One particular area has flown under the radar, however. Nobody has asked either of the candidates the tough questions on Adultitis. Where do they stand on this important issue?

The Adultitis Guy” is the moderator, and he confronts Senator Barack Obama on the Adultitis hot-button issues in this no-spin, no-holds-barred segment. Watch this video to make sure you enter the voting booth fully informed.

iPod Version (60.5 MB)

Presidential Adultitis Forum: John McCain

The presidential election season is in full gear, and we know pretty much where each candidate stands on the issues — well, most of the issues. One particular area has gone virtually undiscussed. Nobody has asked either of the candidates the tough questions on Adultitis. Where do they stand on this important issue?

The Adultitis Guy” is the moderator, and in this hard-hitting and informative segment, he grills Senator John McCain on all things Adultitis. Don’t cast your vote before you see this video.

iPod Version (66.9 MB)

Drop The Invisible Force Field

You know how some people become so frustrated by the antics of their crying baby that they resort to shaking them violently?

Sometimes, when I’m speaking, I want to do that with audience members. [Read more…]

Kim & Jason Halloween Comics

We’ve compiled an eBook filled with every single Halloween-related Kim & Jason Weekend comic ever created. From Trick-or-Treat excursions to Jason’s drawings come to life and his candy trading post, you’ll have fun reliving the duo’s Halloween antics. It’s conveniently formatted for both easy screen viewing and printing — why not print out your favorites to decorate your workspace or home for the spooky season! [Read more…]

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