Invest In Small Delights

Often as adults, we get trapped into the thinking that we have to constantly chase the “bigger and better,” especially when it comes to vacations. Well, that can get expensive. In this video, I share some thoughts on escaping adulthood by investing in smaller, but no less gratifying, delights:

iPod Version (20 MB)

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  1. Cool! That reminds me…if you ever visit the Philippines, you need to try the fresh mangoes and buko (young coconut…the skin is still green, but the meat is white and oh so juicy)…and for that matter, a lot of their fruit. Wow!! The Philippines has the best fruit I’ve ever tasted.

    Thought I’d share. :-)

  2. Tipper says:

    iPod Version for video = AWESOME! Now I never have to get out of bed to watch :-)

  3. Always happy to contribute to the lazification of our society :)

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