What It’s Really Like Driving The Wienermobile

Last summer, we had a chance to tour a real live Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. (You can watch it here.) The fun-loving people who drive the Wienermobile are called Hotdoggers. They criss-cross the country, looking for bridges that are high enough to drive under so they don’t get their bun stuck. The guys and gals have a collective blog which features pictures of the inside of the Wienermobile and stories about what it’s like driving a giant hot dog down the highway.

Becoming an real live Hotdogger is quite the longshot, but reading the blog is a great way to escape adulthood and live vicariously through their experience.

Meanwhile, if you see the Wienermobile whistling down the highway the next time you’re driving, here are the top five ways to say “Hi” (Brought to you by actual Hotdogger Lunch Luvin’ Larisa):

1. The Standard Wave
On our way to Wyoming there was a traffic jam lining the opposite side of the highway. The traffic went on for miles and miles. To cheer everyone up we decided to slide open our windows and wave. Even though everyone was miserable while waiting in the traffic we counted 47 waves in about a 5 mile spread. Talk about spreading miles of smiles!

2. The Rock Fist
The rock fist is a favorite among bikers. When on the road we, Hotdoggers, have an understanding with the bikers and truckers. There are times when it is only the three of us on the road so receiving the rock fist from a biker is a proud moment for us. It’s our little way to connect with our fellow long distance hotdog highway travelers. Rock on!

3. The Peace Sign
Surprisingly we get the peace sign a lot on the road, but when we do they always manage to come as a surprise. We are usually expecting a wave, a point or the hard-core rock fist so when the peace sign is shown by admirers it’s really, ummmm….peaceful!

4. The “Oh, my gosh!” Point
Definitely a favorite, the “Oh, my gosh!” point captures a moment of pure shock and disbelief that a 27-foot-long hot dog is cruising past. It is also a moment for Hotdoggers to realize, I’m driving a huge hot dog on wheels! Believe it or not driving the Wienermobile starts to feel normal, well until you receive the “Oh, my gosh!” point!

5. The Salute
This was saved for last because the salute is a rare occurrence. In our 10 weeks on the road we have only experienced it twice. It is quite the honor. The first time it happened we were at a red light in Lexington, KY. All of a sudden someone popped out of the sunroof, stood tall, and gave us the salute. What an honor. We saluted back, of course!

Side note: Hotdoggers also like to do all of the following to passers-by! So make sure you check and see if we are waving, rock fisting, pointing, or saluting in your direction!


  1. Jennie says:

    What a fun post! Some years ago, Dave Barry got to drive the Weinermobile. He proudly used it to pick up his teenage son from school…the son was not so amused! Very funny.

    When my daughter graduated from high school, we invited all the extended family out to a Japanese steakhouse restaurant to celebrate…fun in itself! We were surprised and delighted to find the Hershey’s Kissmobile parked in the restaurant’s parking lot. Imagine 3 giant Hershey’s kisses on a flatbed, or just see it at http://www.kissmobile.com. It really added to the occasion!