9 Easy Ways to Make Yard Work Fun

Does anyone really enjoy yard work? Typically, it’s a dreaded part of adulthood. Not everyone has the budget to hire it out, so inevitably you’re left spending Saturday afternoon with your John Deere. The major challenge of living an Adultitis-free life is to tackle your dreaded tasks head on by infusing them with a whole lotta fun. I like to ask myself, “How would a kid handle this?” I should get a bracelet… WWKD (What would kids do?). Most likely, they would find a way to laugh and enjoy the situation. Fun, after-all, is the ultimate stress reliever. So, in an effort to improve your Saturday afternoons, here are 9 easy ways to make your yard work more fun…ladybug1

1. Upside Down Frown
There are countless scientific studies out there proving that the simple act of smiling will lift your spirits. Somehow your heart gets convinced by your body that yes, indeed, you are happy. So, even if you feel like Grumpy Bear, smile and you’ll soon feel better.

2. Dress For Success
Commit to wearing something you’ll look forward to. This could mean your favorite comfy pair of shorts, a baseball jersey, your swimsuit, a Halloween mask, a crazy hat… whatever makes you happy. When you look like you’re having fun, it will soon translate into your reality.

3. Guilty Pleasure
I have fond memories of wearing a paper cigar ring on the days my dad mowed. Why? Because he would treat himself to a cigar when riding the mower. I’m not advocating smoking, however I think it’s a great idea to reward yourself. Classic Pavlov’s dog. Associate yard work with something you enjoy.

4. Share and Share Alike
Combine households with friends or neighbors and spend time together working with each other on your yards. This is especially fun on those days you have to trim bushes or work on an extensive project. Sharing laughs and lunch will make the day go much faster.

5. Bless Your Mess
Revel in the messiness of your tasks. If you’re working with dirt, don’t use gloves. In fact, add a little extra water and enjoy the childlike enthusiasm found in making a tried and true mud pie. Enjoy getting dirty!

6. Hot Spot

Create a spot in your yard that you especially enjoy. It could be a corner filled with sunflowers reaching up to the sky or a bird feeder that brings your favorite feathered friends. It could also be a tree planted in someone’s honor. Whatever it is, it will help you enjoy your yard that much more.

7. Tool Belt Trickery
Wear a tool belt filled with whimsy. When you have fun at your fingertips, you are more readily available to indulge thyself more frequently. Some ideas include a water gun, a yo-yo, bubble gun, bubble pipe, silly string, and Skittles (Hey, who doesn’t want to have Skittles on your person?).

8. Field of Dreams
Spend the mundane parts of mowing or trimming your yard dreaming. Vividly imagine your goals coming true with lots of details. Practice the law of attraction. (This IS “The Secret” after all.) It’s a great opportunity to make a boring task worthwhile and meaningful.

9. Ladybug Lookout

Spend your yard time looking from a new perspective. Try to find the tiny treasures that lie beneath the surface. This is something kids are experts at- delighting in the little things. You’ll be surprised how many shiny rocks, caterpillars and bird’s nests you’ll find.

P.S. Here’s a list of tips on how to make yard work more fun for your 3-18-year-olds.

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  1. I actually enjoy some of the yard work itself. When I’m wacking weeds, I’m dreaming of a mosquito free environment. When I’m planting seeds, I’m dreaming of a healthy meal. I do not exterminate Dandelions and consider them to be pretty spring flowers which my children love to gather and blow at each other after they go to seed.(They are also highly nutritious by the way.) As far as mowing the grass to keep it pretty goes, I wouldn’t mind filling the whole yard with flowers, trees and ground cover to avoid doing that job.


  1. […] there that find yard work fun. I also understand there is therapy for them.  For the rest of us, here’s a list of tips to use to make it as enjoyable as possible.  If you have to have a yard, try and design it to be […]

  2. […] there that find yard work fun. I also understand there is therapy for them.  For the rest of us, here’s a list of tips to use to make it as enjoyable as possible.  If you have to have a yard, try and design it to be […]

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