Old School Love for New Tee

Our “Old School” Hopscotch T-Shirt is getting lots of love.

First this schoolyard classic was top of the Daytee voting two weeks ago, and now it receives some bloglove from a cool t-shirt-loving blogger, Coty Gonzales.


I’ll confess I was never a huge hopscotchist (hopscotchianado? hopscotcher?). Maybe it the gravel driveway we had growing up or maybe it was my clumsiness that doomed me to skinned knees with all that hopping about, either way I certainly don’t have the fond memories Coty has of hopscotching in Hawaii:

I have to admit, in elementary school I had some mad Hopscotch skills. I remember this popular recess time game being very intricate and competitive. It was much more than just hopping from square to square. There were certain levels that required you to start by launching from a certain start distance and let’s not forget the difficult “washing machine” level that required you to spin 360 degrees block to block.

Thanks for the sharing your story Coty! Keep up the fun blogging!

Read the complete review on his cool blog and be sure to check out Co-Tee TV. Now why don’t you hop up like Coty and share your old school hopscotch story in the comments?