Don’t Waste the Sunny Days


The days are getting colder, and the opportunities to take my little girl to the park for a swing without turning her into a babysicle are dwindling. *Sigh*

She can sit on the swing all by herself now (with close supervision.)

It seems like it was yesterday when we had our first swing.

I’m sure it will seem like tomorrow when she starts asking for “underdogs.”

Today it was a sunny day. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Make sure you’re not wasting the sunny ones.

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  1. So true – I am in the north of England, so the sunny ones are few and far between. My kids are too old to swing now – but I’ll be making the most of our national parks pass for the last few sunny days of the year.

  2. Oh, she is so sweet. Take lots and lots and lots more pix. They do grow so fast, our girl is 8 now.

    So wonderful to meet you guys over at Lance’s. He is a great guy, as you are well aware and he gathers such wonderful people around him.

    We are so lucky!

    • So that’s how our paths crossed. Very cool. Lance is a great connector and the power of the internet is on display again!

  3. Yes, living in the moment is vital to enjoying our time on earth. So I say go out and enjoy the rainy days too because it might be sunny tomorrow. ;)

    My favorite is taking my dog out in the rain. She loves splashing in the puddles. Oh yeah, I love slashing in the puddles too.

    • Good point on the rainy days, Karl. I think an easy to spot warning sign of the onset of Adultitis is the first time we start walking AROUND the puddles instead of running THROUGH them.

  4. OMG, I have GOT to find an adult-sized hat like Lucy’s!!!!

    • Pretty sweet, huh? Something tells me they don’t have adult sizes…it seems all the really cool stuff is always reserved for kids :(

      • But animal *earmuffs* designed for kids do fit adult heads, as long as you’re not huge! I used to have a fabulous pair that was the elephant’s head on one ear and his butt on the other! I’ve seen Pooh bears, or at least knockoffs.

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