Soup That’s Dessert for Your Soul

This is a special guest post from Lisa Warsinske, who is a humorist speaker and improvisational queen over at Comedy Alley.

Just finished chomping on the Kotecki’s latest book There’s An Adult In My Soup and I must say it was quite disappointing. Not one recipe. The pictures were all black and white. The articles made me feel that I’m missing out on something…

*Insert needle on the record scratch sound effect here*

lisa_warsinskePlease ignore the first paragraph. I have to admit there are times my adult self seeps out. But I’ve got that in check now and I can’t wait to share what I thought of Kim and Jason’s cool new book!

I am happiest when I’m out and about speaking on finding the fun. This book was a great read and shares Kim and Jason’s personal reminders that keep their Adultitis in check. Was there anything brand new? Revelations never before revealed? Not really. But what this book has is a top notch collection of reminders to see the little blessings in each day.

I consider this book to be a bible of sorts in that you can read any chapter in any order and take away a message you needed at that moment. I didn’t find this the type of book to read in one take. Rather (and I mean this respectfully) it is a great bathroom book or bed stand read.

I’ll be paraphrasing highlights, not directly quoting, as I am usually going slightly over the speed limit in life. Here, now – my take-aways:

Jason wrote about being on vacation and ignoring email. He thought it would be tough, then easily slipped into dissing the pull of the internet. He said “the sun still rose and set. Are you staying connected or staying distracted?” On the same topic, Kim challenged us to back off of email too! They ask “what if you don’t answer your cell phone while lunching with a friend?” and “Remove that hand-free cell phone from your noggin and just BE in the moment.”

Reminds me of a stand-up comic who told an audience member (whose cell was ringing during his set) “Hey! If you were that important you’d have someone taking calls for you.” I like Kim and Jason’s friendly challenge to let it go. What will it be like when our kids are older!? A cell phone in each ear with a hand held internet device …never communicating face to face. I’m not liking the visual here.

Moving on: Kim brings up families that are too scheduled. Too many after-school sessions to attend. No family time. It’s such a valid point. When is the last time you saw a park full of kids? Why aren’t parents sending kids out to play in the fresh air and meet new neighbor kids? It’s all about videos and web surfing. Come ON! Get outside, get some sun and air and exercise! I know my sons are less sassy when they are good and tired. And forced to use their (gasp) imaginations. I’m such a mean Mom.

Jason says “it’s as if whoever can prove they’re busiest wins.” And they mention you never see a 3-year-old enter a room and declare “I’m just SO busy today!” Being too busy is a choice. I was telling a buddy that I was getting a massage in the afternoon and she looked at me with envy and said “You’re so lucky!” Hmm. I didn’t win the time away – I made an appointment. I answered “Luck didn’t have much to do with it, I chose some time for myself today.” (I love saying that, and need to say it more!)

Jason asks “are you finding a good balance between work, family and alone time?” Well I’d answer with a hearty, “Um. Well. Sometimes.” Case in point, my 13-year-old hops in the van and just ejects my CD out of the player to plug in his own music. I was listening to a keynote speaker and knew it would be a pain to find which track I was on. I sort of had a hissy. I slapped the steering wheel and loudly said “Hey! How am I supposed to find my spot! You can’t just go grabbing CDs without asking!” He grabbed the CD, read the title (Stress Less for Women) and calmly stated “I don’t think this thing is working, Mom.” Ok, so I know what I can work on. Clear. Like crystal.

adult_soup_coverThere’s An Adult In My Soup has given me reminders that I need, and permission to be my playful self and know that I’m not alone on my quest for crazy. Being normal is so limiting.

When Kim wrote about people with bad attitudes (the Eeyores) and then the fun Tigger types – I totally agree. I call the sad sacks Energy Vampires. They suck the energy out of you simply by entering a room. They are predictable in their glum-ness and you have a great urge to take a fake phone call (make sure you hold the phone the right away) or just run from the room. Not always possible, unfortunately. I always look for the sunshine friends and more importantly, I try to be one!

Last year my hubby and I accepted a Kim and Jason challenge to go out and be daring and wild. We were the smile-makers around town who taped a take out soda cup to the top of the van and acted like it wasn’t there. When people shout or point we just do a shy wave and a smile that says, “Do I know you?” It’s such affordable fun. We take my Mom and the kids out, and even friends have requested a ride. Not sure why they don’t just do it on their own. Guess we’re the sunshine friends!

I appreciate the theme of the new book and, as I said, it’s a great read in small bits so that you can absorb the message meant just for you for that moment. It is closed with quotes from Erma Bombeck that brought sweet tears to my eyes. This ending was a dessert for my soul. Next time I read There’s An Adult In My Soup, I’ll have dessert first !

I am touched by the heart and soul you share with your readers in this book and on your website, Kim and Jason. Lucy picked really cool parents.

And now I must go – I’m planning a pajama happy hour to celebrate my birthday this weekend! Instead of bringing a gift, the challenge to my pals is to buy a gift for someone else and not tell them it was a challenge. We’ll have fun stories to share at the PJ party!

Enjoy the read and find your message.

–Lisa Warsinske

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  1. Hi Lisa:

    I enjoyed reading your review and feel many of the same things you did from reading this very cool book. It was good to hear about your experience taking the Kim and Jason challenge…sounds very playful and fun. In any case, hope your birthday weekend is good and thanks for an enjoyable review!

  2. bret G. Emmel says:

    Lisa, sorry I couldn’t attend your PJ party. The police caught me in my birthday best just outside the door to the W.G’s in La Crosse. I told then you were the cause for my nakedness but I guess that wasn’t enough to stop them from wisking me off the streets. Some police officers have no “cents” of humor.

    Life is a constant “Pare-of-dime” shift. You can worry about the small change or go all in. Cha-ching!!

    Love ya LW you nut!

    Bartinski (Bret) out.

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