3 Unusual Games To Play in the Snow

snowfightOf course, it’s hard to beat a good old fashioned snowball fight when it comes to getting the heart rate up and burning some calories. We highly recommend at least one slingfest per year. (Just make sure you’re not using ice balls.) Here are a few more untraditional games you can play in the snow:

Build the Biggest Snowball
Break up into teams of two or three apiece. The goal of each team is to roll the BIGGEST* snowball. The end comes when the teams can no longer physically roll their snowball (or you run out of snow.)

Snowman Ambush
Once you have those big “snowballs” created, you can assemble them into a plump, happy snowman. It’s always fun to accessorize him (or her) with some household items like carrots, buttons, pipes, and sunglasses. You can add to the activity level by topping your creation off with a hat that you try and toss Frisbee style from several yards away. Or…

If you have a more “destructive” inner child, take turns pummeling Frosty by throwing snowballs (or real Frisbees) at him. Perhaps the goal is to see how long it takes to turn your creation into something that looks like a Picasso creation. Pretend he’s your boss and you can release even more stress. (Unless your boss is one of those rare, Adultitis-free types, of course.)

Snow Football
The Super Bowl is usually in a sunny locale, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the pigskin fun just because you live in a snowy climate. Find an open place to play — a backyard or nearby park will do. With some spray bottles filled with a water and food coloring mixture, mark out a large rectangular area to serve as the playing field. The teams line up at opposite ends of the field for the kickoff. When someone on the receiving team catches the ball, they try to advance across the other team’s goal line by running with it or passing it to a teammate. Play stops if the player is tagged by an opponent or slides out of bounds. The play then resumes on the spot. Each team gets four tries to score a touchdown or the ball goes to the other team.

*Send us a picture of you next to your giant snowball, and we’ll make it worth your while!

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  1. Hey Winter Fun People,
    We do that football game!! It slows it down quite a bit with deep snow (which works in my favor!). And hey, we have a warm up going on…a good time for making snowballs!

  2. Nice. Yes, it would seem that deep snow is the great equalizer. It’s like a team full of offensive linemen going out to try and catch a pass!

  3. So being an Aussie, there’s not much call for snowball fights here but I can attest to playing cricket in the snow when we lived in Banff, Canada. It was great fun until we lost the ball in a snow bank!

  4. Just go ahead and rub it in. We don’t get snow here in Florida so…
    Here’s a list of 3 unusual things to do when it’s 70 degrees outside in January.

    Get dirty in the garden.
    Take a walk in the rain.
    Have a good, old fashioned food fight
    (okay, we had the food fight in November, but it would still be fun in January.)

    Can’t send a giant snowball picture. But, my kids have become giant mudballs as of late.

    • 70 degrees in January…who’s rubbing it in now?

      By the way, nice food fight. Those are fun ANY time of year.


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