Art Collecting Just Got Fun. And Functional.

The Golden Birthday. The First Kiss. The New Job. The Milestone Anniversary. Life is filled with big deals. The stuff that sweeps us off our feet and the moments we remember forever. We often mark these occasions with greeting cards, because emails and text messages just won’t do.

But the worst is being stuck without a card and having to make a last-minute trek to find the right one in a rush. Blechh. Talk about a major downer and an epic pain in the butt. Life is busy enough without this extra hassle.

Enter the awesomely useful W.O.W. Card Box Set. A collection of 48 premium quality 5×7 greeting cards spanning all of life’s big moments, both the happy congratulatory ones and the sad ones, too. We’ve thrown in thank you cards, anniversary cards, sympathy cards, as well as cards for friends and sweethearts. Each colorful card is illustrated, written, and designed by yours truly, and printed right here in the U.S.A. Of course, we’ve included 48 nifty envelopes as well. (View all 48 cards here.)

But we didn’t just stop with cards. Oh, no. That’s not how we roll.

We took things to a whole new level.

The super cool color version!

The cards come in a handsome kraft box — not unlike the shoebox you used to hide under your bed — and the lid features a real live one-of-a-kind piece of artwork from me. Hand-drawn characters from the Kim & Jason comicare inked with the very same brush and India ink that I used for each and every strip. You can choose the classic ink version or upgrade to full color, in which I’ll will enhance the drawing with my trusty smooth and buttery colored pencils. I’ll even customize what Kim and Jason are up to based on your own unique likes and interests

A true collectible, no box is ever the same.

This is pretty much the only way to get your hands on some original artwork from me. So if you’re an art collector, this item is a real steal and you get a whole set of greeting cards as a bonus. If you’re an avid greeting card sender, you’ll not only be stocked up for quite some time, but you’ll also get something pretty to hang on your wall.

It’s form, it’s function, it’s one-of-a-kind.

WOW, right?

Available now at the Kim & Jason Lemonade Stand.

P.S. As usual, Kim & Jason Insiders knew about this development days ago. And they got a super secret password good for 11% off their order. (Why 11%, you ask? Why not, asks we.) If you’re not an Insider, now might be a good time to sign up. It’s fun. It’s free. It’s wonderful.

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