The Best Fun You Can Have Indoors Without Breaking Stuff

Kim and I love going on walks. The sub zero temperatures here in Wisconsin have temporarily put the kabosh on that exercise routine. Maybe you’re also feeling a little cooped up and are looking for an activity to make you feel sort of like you’re exercising. How about some balloon volleyball?

It’s safe to play indoors and you can get the whole family involved — even Grandma. There’s something addictive about trying to keep a balloon in the air, don’t you think? Even most hard-hearted, cross-armed, Adultitis carriers have a hard time resiting a little playful punch when the balloon invades their space.

All you need is string or yarn and a balloon. Hang the yarn across the room (tied to something immovable and safe at each end.) Separate into two teams and hit the balloon back and forth over the yarn. The goal is to volley the balloon as many times as possible, rather than trying to get the other side out. The only rule is that you can’t catch the balloon and then hit it over. You can keep track of the number of minutes you’re able to keep the balloon in the air or how many times it’s hit over the yarn, and then try to break your record!

Here are some little wrinkles you can throw in for a even crazier time:

• Add more balloons for a bigger challenge.

• Require that the balloon must be hit by everyone or by everyone in a specific order.

• Make players twirl around once either before or after they hit the balloon.

• Allow players to only hit the balloon with their non-dominant hand.


  1. We LOVE balloon volleyball around here!!! (especially on cold Wisconsin evenings!!)

    Our latest twist (which we just did a couple of weeks ago): balloon volleyball with a helium-filled balloon. It was like reverse gravity balloon volleyball – with the object of the game being to not let the balloon touch the ceiling (height had it’s advantages in that game!!).

    • Wow, great twist, Lance! Another good name might be Upside Down Balloon Volleyball!

      I hope your 2011 is off to a good start!