Sticky Cup Saturday

YouTube Preview ImageThe McDonald’s cup was in place. And although Lucy was completely oblivious to the shananigans we were enjoying, she certainly enjoyed our anticipation and laughter.

“I haven’t heard you laugh like that in a long time.”

That’s what Jason said to me at the tail end of our Sticky Cup ride.

Mission completed! “Sticky Cup” was the answer to our desire to bring a little silliness to a bitterly cold Saturday in January — a day that otherwise was destined to bring us a case of the winter blues. No way, Adultitis! We were NOT going to let weather get in the way of our attitude. It was Saturday and we were going to have some fun!

How about you? The magic of the holidays is over and yet spring is still a ways off. What can you do this week to help you laugh harder than you have in a long time?

It’s time for a spontaneous adventure that will get your whole family laughing!

“Sticky Cup” is a winner every time. Never heard of it? Check out Jason describing the hijinks.

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  1. Karen says:

    I just heard Jason speak at an Early Childhood Conference in Dearborn, MI. I LOVE the Sticky Cup ride idea. I think it’s the thing that made me laugh the hardest at the conference and there were MANY…

    We, here in wintery Michigan, need more opportunities to laugh and this is perfect while on our snow-covered roads! Thanks Kim and Jason! Remember, we need you!

    • Great hearing from you! :)
      First off… thanks for all of the important work you do to impact the lives of kids and their families!!!!
      Have fun with the Sticky Cup – send pics!!!
      Thanks for the great feedback and for your words of encouragement.

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