Having “The Talk” With My Daughter

It was a huge moment. One that I hadn’t expected would happen this early, quite honestly. And yet the opportunity arose and I knew I had to seize it. Before I realized it, I was having “THE TALK” with my daughter. Breathe deep, I told myself. This is a moment I had envisioned so often, but wasn’t quite sure how I would handle it all.

She looked at me with such trusting eyes – so innocent, sweet, and eager to learn all that I had to share.

Was it the right time? Would she be ready to apply all that I had to teach her?

It was worth a try. For, I knew that this information I was about to share would change her life forever. Her experience on this blessed earth would no longer be the same after this conversation.

To my surprise, in this moment of anticipation I gained an enormous appreciation for my role as her mom, the first teacher on her journey of discovery. I was humbled by the gift she was giving me to share this simple secret to sure bliss.

I decided that demonstration might be the best way to teach. I always learn best by doing, and with her young age, I knew it would make things a lot clearer.

Scrounging through the cupboards, I finally found the perfect cup with a wide enough rim and filled it with just the right amount of milk.

As I started to dip the cookie into the milk, she immediately looked as though she wanted to stop me.

“Why, mamma? Why on earth would you put your cookie in that cup of milk?

“Trust me, Lucy.”

Her patience with me was running out. (There’s very little to start with!)

“But, mamma. I want to eat my cookie NOW. Why are you withholding it?”

“My dear, Lucy. I know you want it right now. Please trust me. I want to teach you a way to make your cookie experience even more glorious than it already is.”

Finishing the dipping process at precisely the right moment (there is a science to the exact moment at which to extract the cookie from the milk), I handed her the cookie to eat. Her eyes never lie. Lucy was in heaven, right there in the middle of our kitchen. Her faith in her mamma was regained instantly and she beamed with pure joy.

When I woke up that morning, did I think it would be the day I would get the chance to teach my 2-year-old daughter how to dip her cookies in milk?

No. You never know what opportunities each day will hold for you.

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”
-Angela Schwindt

Lucy’s magnificent joy taught me JUST how important it is to enjoy the simple stuff — something as simple as a milky Oreo.

Don’t be too busy that you miss out on these gifts our children give us.

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  1. Did she actually use te word “withholding”? :-)

    That’s awesome! Toldja you’d be great parents! :-)

  2. *the

  3. WOW! What a great article. Thanks for sharing the moment and the message. I laughed out loud.


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