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Where Memories Are Made

You don’t make great memories doing the same thing you’ve always done. And they usually aren’t made amidst the whirling dervish of your day-to-day. [Read more…]

Join the 2nd Annual Kim & Jason Virtual Halloween Parade!

Last year, we combined the awesomeness of the Halloween parade with the amazing connecting power of the Internets and hosted the first annual Kim & Jason Virtual Halloween Parade!

This is the sequel! [Read more…]


But the broom gets better gas mileage.

[ Watercolor on acid-free paper, 9 x 12 inches. ]

How Boredom Leads to Adventure

Contrary to popular belief, boredom is not a bad thing! Hear about how 48 hours of boredom made life a lot more adventurous for me and Jason.

Why Mummies Don’t Play Flag Football

It’s all fun and games until…

[ Acrylic on watercolor paper, 9 x 12 inches. ]

Lessons from Halloween Costumes: Trying On Change

My favorite childhood Halloween costume may have been the Spiderman one. Granted, it was nowhere near as cool as the versions kids have the privilege of wearing today, what with the form-fitting spandex, built-in muscles and mask that covers the whole head. (In my dreams!)

Mine was made of the loose-flowing, ill-fitting cheap plastic that resembled Spiderman’s pajamas way more than proper crime-fighting gear. The mask, too, was plastic, and only covered half of my head, held there by a flimsy rubber band. And the muscles were my own: 100% natural and undetectable to the naked eye.

But I’m not bitter. [Read more…]

Die Empty

We are all born with great potential. It’s a shame if you still have too much of it at the end.

The great challenge of life: getting to the end having shared all your gum balls with the world.

[ Acrylic on watercolor paper, 10 x 14 inches. The original painting is available for sale. ]

What Do People Thank You For?

“Adults are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up because they are looking for ideas.” — Paula Poundstone

Sure, we laugh at this quote and yet the truth is that many adults are still searching for that “something” — their life’s work. I recently heard a magic question that you can ask yourself that will help you to identify if you are, in fact, doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Just ask yourself this… [Read more…]

Lost Marbles

Sometimes stated as scientific fact, others consider it an urban myth: the average pre-schooler laughs about 400 times a day, whilst the typical grown-up laughs just 15 times.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that no matter how the numbers actually fall, the daily laugh gap between kids and adults is definitely quite wide.

Clearly, grown-ups would probably be a lot less stressed and have way more fun if they upped their laugh quota.

But here’s the weird thing: show me an adult that laughs in the ballpark of 40 times a day, and I’ll show you an individual other people would consider a bit weird.

Let’s face it, if you laugh too much, people are liable to think you’re a bit unhinged. Not quite right. That you’ve lost your marbles.

As if it’s a bad thing.

[ Acrylic on watercolor paper, 10 x 14 inches. ]

Meet Liz Parnell

This is a self-portrait of me hula hooping, with my kids in the background!

[Read more…]

How to Feel More Alive

As the belly bump gets bigger and bigger (who am I kidding, it’s no “bump” — at 32 weeks it’s more like I’m hiding a pumpkin under my shirt), I’ve had a couple of people recently ask me why I am choosing (for the seconds time) to have a natural childbirth. There are so many “amazing” drugs out there — why wouldn’t I choose to make my experience less painful?

In discussing this with our midwife, she had a really cool take on it. I’m paraphrasing, but in essence she shared… People want to FEEL their lives. Why do we run marathons? Climb mountains? Learn how to paint? Because we have the desire to FEEL alive.

It’s so true. These big hurdles are not accomplished with a simple amount of effort or desire. They force us to come alive in a new way, to dig deeper than we thought was possible within ourselves, to go far beyond the day-to-day breathing and existing.

So, how do you break out of your rut to start this journey towards FEELING your life (short of getting pregnant — ha!)?

Do something today that FREAKS the hell out of you.

At the start, make it something trivial — something that doesn’t effect your life at all — other than it makes you jump, or scream or almost pee your pants a little. This will help you break out of “existing mode.”

Need some inspiration? Here’s a video of me looking like QUITE the fool, as I muster up the courage to feed a freakin’ crazy-looking Scottish Highland Steer out of my hand. It was the most alive I had felt in days — what an AWESOME feeling!!

Breakfast of (Hula Hoop) Champions

Eating Froot Loops is like eating candy for breakfast.

Shocking then, why I love them so. [Read more…]

Steve Jobs: Breaker of the Rules That Don’t Exist

Who said computers were too complicated for regular folks?

Who said an electronic device can’t be powerful and beautiful?

Who said no one would pay for digital music?

Who said Grandma couldn’t make her own movies?

Who said a single person couldn’t change the world? [Read more…]

I Wish You…Enough

YouTube Preview Image

Do you find yourself chasing the next thing, hoping that you will find happiness there – as opposed to where you are right now? It’s time to stop the chase.

How to Live a Better Story

Once upon a time…

Ever notice that all the good stories seem to start that way? (With the notable exception of “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”)

Have you ever thought of your life as a story?

And more importantly, is it a good one? [Read more…]


[ Colored pencil on paper, 9.5 x 12 inches. The original drawing is available for sale. ]

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