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The Messy Adventure of Parenthood

October 5, 2009: Lucy and I were downstairs changing the laundry. As she crawled around the floor, I noticed a dark mark on her shirt, at the small of her back. As any baby’s parent will tell you, this is not something to be ignored. The location meant only one thing: blowout. [Read more…]

The Hardest Job Ever

The hardest job ever may be closer than it appears.

August 28, 2009: Last night, I was watching Lucy so Kim could mow the lawn. Everything was going fine: some relaxing playtime on the living room floor followed by an energetic and smile-filled bath. Then all hell broke loose. [Read more…]

When Christmas Trees Get Jealous

When you shine brightly and share joy with the world, not everyone will be appreciative.

These Adultitis-ridden doo-doo heads will laugh at you, mock you, and try to run you down. Mostly they are just threatened by your example and attack you in order to feel better about their own cowardice or laziness.

Shine on anyway.

[ Watercolor on paper, 9 x 12 inches. ]

Lessons from Children’s Letters to Santa

Earlier this year, while Kim and I were in Alaska, we had the unique opportunity to visit the North Pole. Technically, it was not the geographic version, but rather a small town near Fairbanks known as North Pole, Alaska. [Read more…]

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

June 5, 2009: My best friend’s sister just had a baby. We’ve been hearing a lot of stories about the new parents, including the standard late nights and issues with feeding and pumping. It seems like all babies have some sort of dilemma to deal with at the beginning, something that usually overly concerns the parents, especially new ones. The “issue” varies from kid to kid, but the fact that there usually IS one is normal. [Read more…]

I Just Want A Haircut

July 3, 2009: Okay, we’re a few days shy of seven months as parents. I feel guilty even typing this, because I love Lucy so very much, but I am a bit overwhelmed right now with the 24-7 aspect of parenthood. [Read more…]

The Evil Mastermind

March 20, 2009: Time is warped after you have a baby. I heard recently that, for a parent, the days are long but the years are fast. Jason joked the other day that the first two weeks of Lucy’s life seemed like two months, but the first three months seemed like three weeks. What does that mean for the next three months or how about the next three years? [Read more…]

It’s a Boy! World, Meet Ben.

Benjamin Walter Kotecki was welcomed into the world last Wednesday night at 11:19 pm. Apparently, he was determined to be a November baby! He was born in the water, in our home, under the twinkly glow of Christmas lights and amidst the soft chorus of Christmas carols. The environment was as peaceful, comfortable and magical as we’d hoped it would be. [Read more…]

How Many Kids Can You Really Have Before Adultitis Takes Over?

Does having more kids increase your chances of Adultitis?

If so, how many kids can you have before it takes over your life completely? [Read more…]

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