Savor Your Life’s Fleeting Moments

I LOVE Ben’s cheeks! Seriously, I just can’t get enough. I munch on them, pretending to eat them (which always gets a smile from Lucy). I rub my own cheeks on his. I walk across the room JUST to kiss them. Every time I absorb their cuteness my heart overflows with love. It’s the best feeling in the world. They are just there for the taking and I can’t help myself, doggonit.

His chubby little cheeks, his adorable smell, his little gurgling noises — I am savoring them all.

This time is fleeting.

He’s already changing so much.

Rather than dread the loss of these amazing stages, I am choosing to love them up as much as I possibly can. If that means sitting on the couch for 20 minutes kissing his cheeks, than so be it. I will never regret that time spent.

What is fleeting in your life right now that needs some serious savoring?

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