Meet Greg Link

Kim & Jason Nation is a playful group of rebels who share a joyful, indomitable childlike spirit and are not afraid to let that spirit come out to play! They’re united by a common goal of fighting Adultitis and the doo-doo heads who embrace its ideals. Quite frankly, they’re pretty much the coolest people on the planet. Here’s one right now…

My hometown is… Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

My biggest dream…is to go on a TOMS shoe drop, want.

My inspiration… All KIDS!!!!

When I was a kid, I… really wanted to fly and I’m still trying.

My favorite childhood toy was… my Cabbage Patch Kid named Bruno, and my TalkBoy.

One way I stay childlike is… playing with Nerf Guns, at work.

What I know so far… is that people who think they know it all don’t really know much at all.

My favorite things about “Kim & Jason” is… the way they make me smile when I get their emails.

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  1. Jen de Ridder says:

    Agh…I missed this when it first came out. Greg is very cool and I feel cooler knowing him!