14 Super Fun (and Thrifty) Ways to Say I Love You


Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love. Well, at least according to Hallmark. The stores are saturated in pink and red, the calendar has that pesky little fine print next to the fourteenth day of February, and the pressure is huge to commemorate the big day with your sweetheart. That often means roses, chocolate, a dinner out…zzzzzz…oh, sorry, I drifted off there for a second. Valentine’s Day may be one of those obligatory holidays, but it’s never a bad thing to show someone how much you care, and it needn’t be boring. Your honey deserves more than ho-hum! And the fun ideas that follow won’t break the bank, either.

1) Fill your sweetheart’s car or office or closet with balloons. Lots and lots of balloons. Like a we-just-put-Party-City-out-of-business amount of balloons.

2) Somewhere between a massage and a tickle is what I like to call “back skating.” It’s like having your fingers ice skate across the back of your partner. Take turns drawing simple pictures or spelling out words and see if they can guess the message.

3) Write a love message in soap on the bathroom mirror. Dry erase markers also work beautifully (and wipe off easily) on glass. Don’t forget about adding lots of hearts. Or a funny mustache.

4) Get a box of those cheap kiddie valentines and hide them everywhere: in the car, under the pillow, in the lunch bag. Or make one grand gesture by filing the sink or a briefcase!

5) Make breakfast in bed. But make it fun! Fashion a face out of the fried eggs and bacon. Or make heart-shaped pancakes, topped with sprinkles or candy hearts. (And don’t forget to use the good china.)

6) If you’re in the car together, kiss at every stoplight, or anytime you see a red sports car.

7) Slow dance to “your song” in the living room. Clothes are optional ;)

8) Meet your honey for lunch with Happy Meals in hand.

9) If you live in a colder climate, write a love note in the snow. You could use snowballs, your footprints, or a spray bottle filled with colored water. Hooray for food coloring!

10) Replace the Cheerios with candy conversation hearts.

11) Get your sweetheart a gift inspired by their favorite childhood toy. It could be a t-shirt, cufflinks, a poster, or the toy itself, purchased on ebay.

12) Get a roll of cookie dough, but instead of baking a dozen cookies, use it to make one BIG one!

13) Rent and watch a classic love story from childhood. Something like Princess Bride, Beauty and the Beast, Lady & The Tramp, or one of my favorites, Karate Kid 2. (Fun trivia: Glory of Love by Peter Cetera was the first song Kim and I danced to as husband and wife.)

14) Make a pizza together — including the dough! (There’s something romantic about being covered in flour. I’m sure it’s scientifically proven by, you know, scientists.) Arrange pepperoni in the shape of a heart and have a picnic in your living room.

What is your favorite FUN and THRIFTY way to say “I love you?”

[ Art: You Complete Me. Acrylic, graphite, and Sharpie on newsprint. 10 x 7 inches. ]

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  1. Shirley says:

    Great post Jason. Love these ideas. “Back skating”, Happy Meals, bathroom messages. Oh – and you art is adorable! :) I love to make my hubby a poster (8 1/2 x 11) or poem with a favorite comic book, TV or cartoon character. This year was Yosemite Sam. Happy Valentines Day Ya Big Galoot.

  2. Making your own cards for any occasion is always a heartfelt gesture and is usually much more appreciated than store bought cards. Although, it can get addictive!

  3. Hi Kim and Jason,
    I just enjoyed your article about the 14 ways to say I love you. I thought I was creative but your ideas just put me on the map! I first saw you at the NAFCC Conference last year in Atlanta and I have been enjoying you ever since. May God continue to bless you with more ideas.

  4. My son is writng 52 things he loves about his girlfriend on a deck of cards.

  5. My husband and I often stop in a store playing music overhead and just start dancing! Especially is its slow music!

  6. My husband and I often stop in a store playing music overhead and just start dancing! Especially if it’s slow music!

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