Chase That Happy with Ze Frank

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Ze Frank is an intense and insanely creative dude. In this episode of his web show, he shares a number of awesome ideas for fun having. Such as:

Happy Typing: Type like a crazy secretary in a silent film.
Sad Sad Happy Tube: Take a cardboard tube and look through it at your friends who very quietly make sad faces until one of them decides to make a happy face.
The Nostril Game: You control the flaring of someone’s nostrils just by making sounds.
Bullsh*t Tour: You take someone on a tour of wherever you are and you have to start every line with the word, “Interestingly…”
Bored Aristocrats: Have a conversation with another person as if you were a bored uncomfortable aristocrat
High Five the Universe: Yeah, you just have to watch the video for this one.

Actually, it’s worth watching the video to get the full effect of ALL of these ideas. There are some bits of language not safe for little (or easily offended) ears, but the ideas within are fun, cheap, and borderline genius.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Oh my, the BS Tour .. totally going to try that. Cracked me up. :)

  2. Thanks, that was the funniest thing I’ve seen this week!

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