Hey Parents: What Super Power Would You Most Want to Have?

Our family dressed up like The Avengers this Halloween. It all started a few months ago when Lucy insisted that she wanted to be Captain America. (She has a thing for his shield.) Our son Ben is quite the grunter, so he seemed like a good choice as Hulk, and things snowballed from there.

After the dust settled, Kim and I got into a discussion of what super power we’d most want to have in our role as parents.

Since I have had many moments holding a sleeping kid with the remote control or my phone just out of reach, I would LOVE to possess the “Force-like” ability to levitate objects and draw them into my hand. Kim said she’d love the ability to put the kids to sleep at the wave of her hand.

That led me to wonder what powers other parents might choose. What say you? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. I have always wanted the ability to transport to wherever I think of and take whomever is touching me with. I could have lunch in France, dance on the beach in California, and watch the sunset in Alaska all in one evening. Now that my husband is stationed in GA and serving in Afganistan and me in Minnesota it makes me wish I had this super power even more.

  2. Freezing time. Or losing the need to sleep.

  3. I would like to be an empath. With that level of understanding, I believe I could stop wars, convince bad guys to change their ways, and persuade good people to do more to help others. TA-DAAAA! World Peace. Popcorn and cupcakes for everyone!

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  5. Sarah says:

    My husband Dan says super-strength. I say the ability to eat what I want, not work out and still have a bod like J-Lo.

  6. With the snap of my fingers, all needed cleaning gets done!

  7. Jodie says:

    I would love to able to clone myself. I have five children and with them all in sports or other activities I usually need to be in more than one place at the same time. With a snap of my fingers I could instantly have more of me! Then there would be no complaining how we are late or that I’m not helping one while helping the other.

  8. Amanda says:

    I would like to stop time. For more than one reasons. I could get everything done and ready in time. Then the other reason is my children are growing up too quickly. If i could just slow that down for a little while and get time to enjoy them while they are young.

  9. Maria says:

    I wanted to be able to split myself into more mes to do all that needed to be done and have time for all the wanted to do and have time for playing with the kids and have time to sleep. Now as a Grandmother I want to telaport myself to just see the Grandson when I wanted to, or help out a little.


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