Plaid States vs. Polka Dot States

What expert decided that states that lean Republican should be red while the Democratic ones are designated as blue? Sometimes I wonder if mixing it up might contribute a little bit of levity to the whole process of choosing our nation’s leader. Because there sure is a lot of Adultitis involved as it is.

How ’bout some plaid? Polka dots? Or maybe some periwinkle?

Today’s election is an important one. But may we always remember that while we should always take our duties and the direction of our country seriously, we do not have to take ourselves seriously.

Living in the purple state of Wisconsin for more than a decade now has taught me that, by and large, most people sincerely want what’s best for our country. Sometimes, we just happen to have different ideas on how to go about it. While it’s easy to disagree with each other on issues, it’s hard to demonize someone when you keep in mind that deep down, their intent is the same as yours.

Now go vote. And let’s promise to all still be friends tomorrow.

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  1. Geoffrey says:

    RE: And let’s promise to all still be friends tomorrow.


  2. This is a cool way of explaining about the different states. I love how you used a quirky image to justify your article. It is very interesting.

    • Thanks Annie. Just trying to keep it light, especially when so many people take it SO seriously :)

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