Cure Your Adultitis with a Free Issue of Courageous Creativity!

Courageous Creativity is a spiffy, thoughtful, and well-designed microzine from Shirin Subhani and Shahana Dattagupta of Flying Chickadee.

The zine presents stories of courage and creativity sourced from people living, working, being courageously creative and changing themselves and others in our community. Their writers come from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life — they are small business owners, state employees, corporate CEOs, non-profit founders and volunteers, professionals, scientists, sociologists, artists, activists, mothers and fathers, and friends.

This month, the theme was Play, and we were honored to contribute a little somethin’ somethin’ to the project. Here’s a synopsis of the December issue:

Cure your Adultitis with this issue of Courageous Creativity! Discover, as the National Institute of Play suggests, how play woven into the fabric of social practices will dramatically transform our personal health, our relationships, the education we provide our children, and the innovative capacity of our corporations and organizations. Yes, all this with play, including in what appear to be “grave” situations or problems!

Cool, cool stuff. It’s well worth a gander, and you can get the PDF for free here and peruse the back issues here. Check it out and immerse yourself in a wee bit of wonderfulness!