Superhero Fort Kit


Ok, so how awesome is this…a Superhero Fort Kit! Complete with sheets! Clamps! Glow sticks! The best thing is that you can make it yourself and then make the MONTH of a kid. (If you can dare to part with it, that is. Better make two.)

The ideas and photos come from the fun and awesome Meg + Andy, as does this handy list of what you need to make your own Superhero Fort Kit:

  • 2 Twin sheets: ARC for about $2 each
  • Ties on the Sheet: old XL T-shirt
  • Rope: Hobby lobby for about $2
  • Flash Light: Dollar Store $1
  • Clamps: Dollar Store $1
  • Glow Sticks: Dollar Store $1
  • Clothes Pins: Dollar Store $1
  • Suction Cups: Dollar Store $1
  • Lightning Bolt bag: Some cheap gray fabric, yellow felt $2

Add this sweet DIY superhero cape and you’ll have to start calling yourself Lucius.

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  1. Jen de Ridder says:

    This was my nieces and nephews gifts this year for Christmas. Mine had a book focus. Inside the bag (pillow case) was a couple of books and instead of glow sticks I put head lamps inside. So we could crawl in and read. Everything but the books and headlamps came from the dollar store. I stitched some fun lettering “FORT KIT” on the outside and then put everything in. We had a great time building them at the grandparents house this weekend. Hopefully their parents enjoy them too. (I bought them adultitis kits to remind them to play and give them some fun as well)


    • Sweet. Love, love LOVE the book focus! So neat.

      I’m sure BOTH types of kits were well appreciated :)

  2. I am SO going to do this… One of my abiding memories of childhood was playing in tents and, now that I think of it, it’s something we haven’t done with our children.

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