Share a Rule That Doesn’t Exist


We are writing a book about the Rules That Don’t Exist. You know, passed-down traditions, silly wives tales, societal expectations, and self-limiting beliefs that people adhere to even though there are not real consequences for breaking them (at least once in a while.)

Thou shall not eat dessert first.

Thou shall always make thy bed.

Thou shall take yourself seriously.

We’ve already written about a bunch of them here. Even though there are probably thousands of them, we want to gather as many as we can and compile them into a book. It is our deep hope that this project will open the eyes of people to the limitations they are needlessly living under and inspire them to break free and live better stories.

So, can you think of one of these so-called “rules?”

Perhaps it’s one you’ve always had a knack at breaking, or maybe it’s one that took you a long time to overcome. It might be connected to your area of expertise, or it might not. It could be serious or silly. Whatever it is, please share it here and you’ll get the free ebook version when we’re done!

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  1. Hi, I also have mine own blog and I would like to write on it what I found on yours. You wrote interesting things and I want to use your words on my blog. Is that OK?? Thank you.