Kites Aren’t Just for Flying Anymore


I’ve written before that one of the BEST parts of being grown-up is having the ability and the know-how to take awesome things from childhood to a new level of awesomeness.


The sweet photos above? No, they were not created by some guy in a small plane or captured with the iPhone of a blimp pilot. They were taken by a camera attached to a kite.

Yes, a freaking kite. You know, that thing kids play with on windy days? In fact, Kite Aerial Photography is a real thing. Google it.


kite-cameraImagine the possibilities! You could get some killer shots of your kids’ baseball or soccer games, your family reunion picnic, or your vacation to Florida.

But please note: you will not just want to duct tape your fancy camera to a kite. That’s something a kid would do, likely resulting in the garnishment of a decades’s worth of allowance money. Grown-ups, however, have come up with plans for rigs you can build to protect your baby at least a little bit.

You can check out 57 other awesome photos taken via kite on this post by Darren Rowse. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to take kite flying to a new level of awesome.