Mango with Mullet


food-sketch1My art almost always contains an element of whimsy. It also often involves inspiration, encouragement, or entertainment. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to make something that combines all three.

Other times, I end up with something that’s just plain silly.

It all started with a mango with a mullet.

And I just could not stop. I felt compelled to paint pictures of food sporting hairstyles of varying levels of ridiculousness. When the dust settled, the series totaled nine in all, including cauliflower with a combover, cabbage with cornrows, and a pear with a perm.


I’m pretty sure they possess no significant redeeming qualities, but perhaps they will make you smile.

And if you ever wondered what a peanut would look like with a pompadour, well, now you know.








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  1. Jim Simmons says:

    I’m sure that the reedeeming qualities are simply in their existense.

  2. Sara Gast says:

    These would be AWESOME to get in color prints to hang in one’s kitchen! Wish List! :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    so cute. love the mushroom and the pear. :-)

  4. Love them the apple with the afro was the best one. Made me laugh.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to see one of a banana with dreadlocks?

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