How to Break the Cycle of Adultitis

Where does Adultitis come from? As a very contagious disease, it’s an important question.

Many times, it’s passed down from generation to generation. This cycle needs to stop. But how?

The best way is to model what an Adultitis-free life looks like. Like this Dad:

YouTube Preview Image

Our kids listen to what we DO, not what we SAY.

With respect to Adultitis, the prognosis for these girls’ futures looks very positive.


  1. You know, I LOVE this. My son walks in the mall and whenever a store is playing music he’ll stop right there and start dancing, so I always join him. Why not? You only live once and he gives me such a big smile as encouragement, I live for those smiles.

  2. It’s not completely related but I saw something today that could make almost anyone smile. In the sandwich shop I work in in walks these 2 guys in their 80s. They’re walking in laughing hysterically. Telling eachother jokes the whole way to order their food. They even start making little jokes to me. Watching them smile and be so happy made me think one thing. “I want to be like that at their age.” I don’t care about money or what job I’m working, I want to be that happy and have that good of a friend to share that happiness with at that age. They were laughing through their whole meal. The life in their eyes was unbelievable. They were like big kids who never grew up. Like my uncle has told me my whole life, “growing old isn’t an option but growing up is.” I’m smiling still thinking of those men.

    • GREAT anecdote, Anin. Proves one of the things I like to say, which is that Adultitis has NOTHING to do with AGE. You can be childlike at any age! :)