Do You See Weeds or Wishes?


A backyard flush with dandelions can inspire an hour of exciting adventure for a five-year-old. The exact same backyard can also inspire an hour of expletive-laden adjectives for a fifty-year-old.

Believe it or not, most of the things we don’t like about life are changeable. The tricky part is that in order to get the result we desire, the first thing that needs to change is…us.

If you’re disappointed or frustrated by your spouse, your job, your boss, or your kids, you always have the option of waiting for them to improve. Or you can instigate a small rebellion and spark a magical turnaround by changing the way you look at them.

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  1. Or if you’re into health and wellness and you see dandelions you think food! Did you know they’re edible? You have to make sure they don’t have any weed killer or if you have dogs that they haven’t been peed on but, dandelions are edible :)

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