How to Adultitis-Proof Your Wedding


A wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. But it can also be a breeding ground for Adultitis. This sinister foe downright salivates at events involving formal wear, the merging of families, and an expectation that everything is supposed to go perfectly.

Is it possible to Adultitis-proof your wedding?


But it requires a mindset that decides you’re going to have fun no matter what the caterer messes up or your mother-in-law does.

It also helps to incorporate some ideas that send the message to you and your guests that Adultitis is not invited. I’ve been collecting some of my favorite best Adultitis-free invites, favors, photo-ops and more on a Pinterest board.

What are YOUR favorite ideas for Adultitis-proofing a wedding?


  1. We did a wedding (we rent tuxes) where the guys all wore flowered boxers and at the reception, dropped their pants and did the worm. And of course, J&L’s wedding where brother Jacob made custom Star Wars figures of the bride and groom for the cake.

  2. We had a covered dish wedding. Our parents provided tons of meat and we asked guest to bring a dish only if they wanted. It was a feast and everyone loved it. People sat at tables during the short ceremony. We had Communion with real loaves. We used single stem Cala Lillies one per table. Tea candles. My dress was on sale for 99$ and perfect.
    Our grooms cake was a doughnut mountain. We wanted that for the only cake but Mom freaked out and had a brides cake made. Italian cream cake :)
    We also had postcards made for invitations and used evite for all friends and work friends. We had over 200 people, tons if extra food and spent just around $1,000 on the whole shindig.
    Then we could afford Rome for our honeymoon!!
    My husband swung me around in circles after our kiss. It was amazing. :)
    People 3 years later still tell me that they loved it. Especially men folk.

  3. Nancy says:

    “Linus & Lucy” as our recessional music and pink flamingo confetti on the cake table (a surprise for me from my aunt – who also made the cake). Salt & Pepper shakers were the cake toppers (just like in the movie “Fireproof”). We left the reception & went to our local minor league baseball game for baseball fun & fireworks (we got married July 4th). With the exception of one year, we’ve made this our wedding anniversary tradition!