Gym Teacher Wears Same Outfit in 40 Straight Yearbook Portraits


In the war against Adultitis, some days you win battles and other days you lose them. Oftentimes, there are crucial moments in which you actually have the choice to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Those crucial moments are often born out of embarrassing moments.

In 1973, Dale Irby posed for his first yearbook photo after getting a job as a gym teacher at Prestonwood Elementary school. The next year, Dale inadvertently wore the exact same outfit.


What could have turned into an Adultitis-ridden shame spiral transformed into a small rebellion when Dale’s wife dared him to do it again next year. Forty years later, he retired from teaching having worn the same sweater and collared shirt combo for his entire 40-year career.


I can imagine Adultitis, cowering in the corner, depressed and defeated, twirling his little villain mustache while wondering what went wrong. And that’s how small rebellions work.

An embarrassing moment can easily lead to shame, anger or depression, if you let it. Instead you could instigate a small rebellion, quit taking yourself too seriously, and make Adultitis run 20 laps, just like Dale Irby did.

Hat tip to Colossal

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  1. He’s aged pretty well! I wore the same skirt the first day of school through high school; it just got shorter every year (not from me growing, from me shortening it). :D

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