Rejection Therapy


One of the most inspiring people I encountered at the third annual World Domination Summit earlier this month was Jia Jiang.

Four months after quitting his job to launch a career as an entrepreneur, Jia hit a major roadblock. He was rejected by some major investors and the business idea that seemed like a sure-thing instantly vaporized. It rocked his world, and he considered giving up. After a kick in the pants from his supportive wife, Jia began to delve into what he called “rejection therapy.”

His goal was to get so comfortable with rejection that the fear of it would no longer affect him. He created a project that included 100 requests designed to end in rejection, and he recorded his experience with a blog.

He gave examples of flagging down a police officer to ask if he could drive his car, asking a pilot if he could fly his plane, and asking a stranger if he could play soccer in his backyard.

And then he told us that they all said YES.

You need to check out his blog, and especially this video from the time he asked an employee at Krispy Kreme if she would make him a custom donut:

YouTube Preview Image

Probably the biggest thing I took away from hearing Jia was the reminder of the power of just asking. We are often so afraid of rejection that we willingly cut ourselves off from amazing opportunities.

Jia said, “Rejection is an opinion or preference, nothing more and nothing less. Rejection says more about the person giving it than it says about you. When you’re not willing to get rejected you are rejecting yourself. And then you get ignored by the world.”

JUST ASK. You never know.


  1. This was an awesome example of customer service and how asking can sometimes give great results!

  2. This is fantastic. I’m so glad you shared this. I’m now officially following his blog :)

  3. Hi Jason,

    Thank you for the great article about me. I just found it recently. I love your blog and design. May I know who designed it for you?


    • Hi Jia! Thanks for writing, and thanks for the awesome talk at WDS. Definitely one of my top 3 highlights for sure!

      I am proud to say that I designed our blog and website (which just recently just changed). I have a background in art, and that skill set has saved us lots of money over the years! We use Genesis for WordPress, which has a ton of super sweet themes that are really nice out of the box. In fact, this new design is based off of one of those themes. Although I have modified the CSS quite a bit, there is a lot you can do to make it your own without any technical knowhow whatsoever.

      Hope this is helpful. Keep up the great work!