Take a Bath in Warm Towels


Matt Haas has already been designated an official Champion of Childhood, but here’s another reason why he deserves the honor:

In my (childish) mind, there is little in this world that is more fun, joyous and just plain silly than giving someone a bath in warm towels. No, this is not a typo. We all have had to take baths and then use a towel. But if you have never had a bath in warm towels then you still have some Adultitis that needs to be scrubbed off.

Here’s how it works: Take an entire load of still-warm towels fresh from the dryer and bring them to the nearest couch or chair. Look for the person who most likely needs a hug, smile or giggle and gently distribute the entire load of towels on them making sure to cover them in their entirely, leaving only a small area for them to breathe freely. Stand by for the inevitable euphoric groans as the heat embraces their entire body. Be prepared for the inevitable wiggling and make sure you redistribute towels to cover any exposed areas. Lastly make sure you rotate the towels as they cool to make ensure maximum heat transfer. The end results will assuredly be at a minimum a smile with the potential for an unplanned nap.

Hmmm…a bath in warm towels. A novel concept and almost certain to be a cure for what ails ya. Nice tip, Matt!


  1. Clare says:

    My favourite part of doing the laundry is hugging the warm things from the dryer. I’d never thought of giving someone a towel bath though – what a fabulous idea :)