Small Rebellion #7: Halloween Unleashed

Halloween is the best. I love that it’s free of the obligatory gift-buying and mountains of stress that usually accompany the other major holidays. Halloween is pretty much just about fun. And zombies.

I also love that although Trick or Treating is still a domain of childhood and rambunctious teenagers, it’s not uncommon for grown-ups to get in on the costume-wearing fun. However, most of us over the age of twenty usually require a bit of “costume cover.” You know, that socially acceptable event or occasion where it’s “appropriate” to dress up.

But what if you dressed up in costume for a dinner out with your sweetheart? Or for your weekly trip to the supermarket? Or for jury duty?

This premise is what has inspired our latest “officially-sanctioned” Small Rebellion. It’s called “Halloween Unleashed,” and the challenge is this: sometime in the next week or so, wear a Halloween costume somewhere that’s unexpected. Bonus points if you get a picture.

You can include friends or family — in fact, that makes it more fun and will help increase your bravery! — but wearing a costume to the office-sanctioned Halloween party or to take your kids trick-or-treating (although awesome!) is not what we’re going for.

This is your chance to expand some boundaries and send chills down the spine of Adultitis!

Check out our Event page on Facebook for details, and please spread the word among your friends and enemies. Also, that’s the place to share your stories and pictures. We’re giving a $50 Lemonade Stand gift certificate to the person (or team) with the best photo in the most unusual spot!

Join us; wear a Halloween costume somewhere unexpected. And revel in the bloodcurdling screams coming from Adultitis!


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