Dad Starts Dance Party at Pharmacy


I have never been a pharmacist. I don’t even play one on TV. But I can’t imagine a pharmacy inherently being a work environment filled with laughs and good times.

But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t use it.

Here is an email we got from Dan Drella, who initiated a small rebellion with his kids.

“I was in Walgreens with sons Brody (6) and Xavier (7). We were walking from photo to the back of the store. Xavier said, “What are we doing now?” My answer was, “Dance party!” Boom, right there in the aisle. All three of us dancing. Brody was all over it. Xavier said, “No, really, what are we doing now?” My reply: “Dance party!” More dancing ensued. “No seriously dad, what are we doing now?” Again…”Dance party!!!” Brody was just laughing. Five times from photo to the pharmacy. When we got to the pharmacy, the pharmacist and assistant were just laughing. They must have been watching the cameras or something. It was a pretty awesome moment of escaping adulthood. Gosh, I need more of those!”

The whole world does, Dan. Which is why we dub you a Champion of Childhood: for having the courage to create one for yourself, your kids, and — even if unintentionally — for the people working in a pharmacy.

Dance on.

A Champion of Childhood is someone instilled with the soaring spirit of childhood who rallies against rules that don’t exist while engaging in ruthless, senseless acts of silliness that undermine the slavery of Adultitis and its unadventurous version of adulthood. We like shining a light upon the most remarkable among us, holding them up as a dazzling example of what we should strive for in this epic battle against Adultitis. See more here.

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  1. Jillian says:

    I have to laugh at this because my almost 5 year old will call out a dance party anytime she hears music she wants to dance to. In our home, we call it purple light. Last winter my daughter and a couple of her friends needed some time out of the house and so we went into the garage and played Red Light, Green Light. After a few mintues of the regular rules to the game, red= stop, green=go, yellow= slow motion, I shouted “PRUPLE LIGHT!” All three girls looked at me in complete confusion. I told them that purple light meant dance party. I turned some music on from my phone and now the rest is history. We can be in the car, at home, in a resturant, where ever, when someone shouts “purple light,” we dance!


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