Saturday Morning Sprinkles: Peanutize Yourself Edition


• In case you haven’t already seen it, you can turn yourself into a Peanuts character. Can’t wait for this movie!

• These vertical panoramic photographs of New York churches by Richard Silver are a striking example of how powerful a change of perspective can be.

• Sometimes the rules that we follow seem completely normal to us, but will someday be seen as completely ridiculous to our kids.

• Enjoyed these artistic interpretations of how various Disney characters would show their #DisneySide. (Hat tip to Jenna)

Finally, some posts from around here you may have missed:

That Time I Slimed Adultitis

You Are More Creative Than You Think

Ode to Spontaneity

photo by uglyagnes

It was 5:00 on a Thursday night. I had to leave for Zumba at 6:40. Two chicken breasts were on the counter 95% thawed. Like most normal nights in our household, Jason was in charge of dinner. On this particular evening, he was two doors down at our neighbors helping them with some computer challenges. (Jason is my fav tech guru!)

The phone rang. It was the very neighbor Jason was assisting. In an “Ode to Spontaneity,” he invited the three of us to join him and his wife for some pizza. Why not? I’ve been wanting to be more spontaneous, and this sure qualified. [Read more…]

Give Your Stalkers Something to Think About

After 10 years of being online, a fear of mine has been realized. I have a stalker.

She’s unpredictable.

She’s crazy.

And she’s managed to obsess over me and Jason for the last two years, mimicking our day-to-day habits and traits. It’s starting to pick up in intensity. I feel like I am under constant surveillance. Some days, it feels suffocating. [Read more…]

Normal is Not Coming Back

art by jason based on photo by sweet evie

Being an entrepreneur has a lot of pros and cons.

Traditionally, there’s the financial risk, long hours, and relative lack of security. (Although the way things are these days, the last two apply to most non-entrepreneurial jobs as well.)

But one of my favorite benefits of all is the freedom. [Read more…]

The Rocket Man Principle

When I first took the job as a kindergarten teacher, little did I know that I would soon become exposed to a remarkable amount of loose teeth. We enjoyed perpetual Halloween, what with the number of kids looking like jack-o-lanterns all year long. It was not uncommon to be reading a story to the class and hear that familiar squeaky noise, the one that can only be heard when a child is wiggling her baby tooth with her tongue. (Did the thought of that make you cringe?) That subtle yet distinct noise means one thing and one thing only: time to pull it, honey. [Read more…]

How Many Wows Will You Miss Today?

photo by kim

Lucy and I experienced quite an amazing site the other night and I bet you’ll never guess where…

After all of the travels this kid has done so far (34 flights in 20 months), one of the coolest sights was found right in our local grocery store parking lot! (Isn’t that how life goes?!)

We walked out with our cart full of yummies to find a FULL rainbow right before our eyes. It spanned the entire sky. (I felt five!)

“WOOOWWW!” Lucy instantly proclaimed in her shaky toddler voice, pointing up at one of the coolest things I had ever seen in my 32 years. I found myself echoing her joy and awe. It was sure something! So big! So bright! And it’s so rare to see both ends. Upon closer inspection, there were actually two rainbows, the second one fainter but there in the shadow of the first. [Read more…]

When a Mess Is The Last Thing On Your Mind…

I never was one of those boys who were magnetically drawn to mud puddles. That’s not to say that I didn’t make my share of messes. My Mom only brought out the Play-Doh on special occasions because she knew her post game activity would be picking dried Play-Doh crumbs out of the carpet.

These days, I enjoy when things are neat and orderly. But I’ve been gaining a new appreciation for messes. (I am sure that this in no way has anything to do with me having a 20-month-old.) [Read more…]

All You Can Do

I saw someone get really bad news today.

It was upsetting to witness.

We were walking along the always interesting State Street, Madison’s hot spot for fun and folly. This woman in her mid-20s was on her cell phone and it was obvious that she had just received news that would change her life. She stood there devastated, crying and hiding her face from the crowded street, shuddering into her boyfriend’s arms. I couldn’t help but wonder. What happened? [Read more…]

Your Daring Adventure Is Waiting

photo by bernat casero

Most people I run into seemed bored with their life. The status quo for a “happy life” these days is pretty watered down, pretty blah. Once you get your demanding (and often life-sucking) career, the 2.5 kids, the dog, the house with the white picket fence, two nice cars, yadda yadda… you should officially find happiness (as if it arrives in a FedEx box upon completion of such requirements.) But does this magic formula for happiness really work? If so, why are so many people so darn bored, seeking fleeting moments of happiness in trivial things? [Read more…]

Why Adultitis is China’s Biggest Problem

I hear a lot about how China is going to take over the world. That the days of America as world superpower are almost over.

China certainly has some good things going for it, but it also has its share of challenges, like the caring and feeding of a population of 1.3 billion people, staggering air and water pollution, and oh yeah, the whole communism thing.

I’d submit that their biggest obstacle of all is their Adultitis-ridden viewpoint on fun. In watching the coverage of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, I got the impression that they take themselves WAY too seriously. And consider this account from my wonderfully outspoken friend Scott: [Read more…]

You Have 13 Years Left To Live. Go!

photo by pincusvt

photo by pincusvt

This week, Jason, Lucy and I attended the wake of a friend of ours who lived just 13 years. Just by hearing that you may say, “How tragic,” but I would say back to you that actually, Jesse lived morein his 13 years than most people live in 85. Being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was three, he approached his childhood with an attitude of appreciation for life and persistence that he could (and would) be able to do all of the same things a kid without the disease could do. [Read more…]

12 Things You Must Do In 2010 – EA Show #50

With this being our 50th episode, our show is officially over the hill. In this episode, broadcast live from Madison, Wisconsin, we run down our list of 12 things you absolutely, positively MUST do in 2010 to keep Adultitis at bay. Also included are some great ideas for words of the year, excellent made up holiday suggestions, and some banter on Happy Meals.

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Share Your Thoughts…
What do you think about this month’s show? What’s your word for the year? What was the best Happy Meal toy you ever got? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or in the video itself by clicking the little plus sign in the player. Got photos or videos? Send ’em to

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Unclutter Your Christmas – EA Show #48

If you love watching your kids’ eyes light up when they unwrap gifts from Santa, but cringe at the thought of even more toys infiltrating and cluttering up your home, we have an idea that will help. In this episode, we share a great tip for decluttering your Christmas while teaching your kids to be grateful for what they have.

Share Your Thoughts…
What do you think about this week’s show? What was your best tip for decluttering Christmas? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or in the video itself by clicking the little plus sign in the player. Got photos or videos? Send ’em to
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Become a fan of Kim & Jason on Facebook and get reminded about our next live show as well as other behind-the-scenes treats. Kim & Jason Nation unite!

What I Thought About While Shoveling Snow


photo by bulldog1

Today was a snow day. Over a foot of snow. Blizzard conditions. The governor declared a state of emergency and authorities urged people to stay off the roads if at all possible.

Since Kim and I both work from home, we were able to stay in and decided to take most of the day off. Sure, we have a lot of stuff on our to-do lists, but days like this don’t come around all that often. You have to take advantage of them when they come.

But I must confess: I did partake in my share of inner grumbling as I struggled to shovel the driveway and sidewalk. (Ah the joys of home ownership!) The snow was wet and heavy, and my back still aches as I write this. [Read more…]

A Quick Thought on Toys

This year's hot toy. Next year's garage sale bargain.
If you still have some shopping left to do this holiday season, let me offer up something to think about. When it’s garage sale time, and people go to purge all the old stuff their kids used to play with, what’s the first thing to go?

All the loud, spinning, whizzing, battery-operated, brightly colored, one trick pony plastic crap.

And the stuff that gets saved and passed down?

The classic, high quality handmade stuff made from natural materials like wood and fabric. Well-constructed doll houses. Sturdy, smooth, hand-stained block sets. Super soft teddy bears. [Read more…]

What to Read if You’re Feeling Old

tim_piotrowskiTim Piotrowski is an awesome dude who writes a blog about well-rounded living called 360 Degree Self. I’ve known Tim for a little while now, although we haven’t met in person — yet. The thing that strikes me about him is that he is a curious fellow, and I’m a big fan of curious fellows. He’s definitely an example of someone who would be considered a life-long learner. Besides being a Sesame Street fan, he also has a spirit of helpfulness that is very rare these days.

Apparently, he is also a man of excellent taste.

This becomes obvious when you read his review of our latest book, There’s An Adult In My Soup. Here’s an excerpt: [Read more…]

What You Can Learn About Treating Adultitis from Bert and Ernie

Cut from the same cloth as Laurel and Hardy, Bert and Ernie are Sesame Street’s classic comedic duo. They were the only Muppets to appear in the 1969 pilot episode. Their appearance was the only segment that tested well, which led to the decision that Muppet characters would be the “stars” of the show.

Over the years, Bert and Ernie have helped many kids strengthen their math and language skills while learning about important concepts like sharing and cooperation. Even though the show is geared toward children, there are actually some pretty good lessons we can all learn about dealing with Adultitis from our old friends residing at 123 Sesame Street… [Read more…]

What is YOUR Cardboard Box?

photo by darius kay

photo by darius kay

Thanksgiving week is interesting because one minute you’re feeling thankful and blessed for all you have, and the next minute Black Friday strikes with everyone wanting more and more and more. For me, shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving is like going to a funeral the day after a wedding.

What a buzz kill.

The fact that a 34-year-old Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death last year at 5am by a bunch of shoppers just makes me sick. Why is our society so crazed for stuff? I have the answer. It’s simple and really sad.

Stuff makes people happy.

(At least that’s what our actions are saying.) [Read more…]

Soup That’s Dessert for Your Soul

This is a special guest post from Lisa Warsinske, who is a humorist speaker and improvisational queen over at Comedy Alley.

Just finished chomping on the Kotecki’s latest book There’s An Adult In My Soup and I must say it was quite disappointing. Not one recipe. The pictures were all black and white. The articles made me feel that I’m missing out on something…

*Insert needle on the record scratch sound effect here*

lisa_warsinskePlease ignore the first paragraph. I have to admit there are times my adult self seeps out. But I’ve got that in check now and I can’t wait to share what I thought of Kim and Jason’s cool new book! [Read more…]

Memories Are Made Outside the Box

door_co_memoriesWhat are your favorite memories? You know, the mental Polaroids that will stay with you forever; the treasured times spent with friends or family that always seem to get brought up and relived when you’re together.

For me, just off the top of my head, I think of my wedding day, the day Lucy was born, family vacations in Door County, two surprise birthday parties, early-morning fishing trips with my dad and uncle, feeding giraffes with my mouth, and an eighth grade school field trip to Chicago to eat at Ed Debevic’s and watch Michael Jordan play hoops.

Those memories all occurred at various points of my life, but one thing they all have in common is that they didn’t happen as part of my normal, day-to-day routine. They were special events, a break from the norm. Some required a good bit of planning, others were dependent on good ol’ fashioned spontaneity. I bet you can say the same thing about your own best memories. [Read more…]

Drinking From the Fountain of Youth in Chicago

kim_levityWhen I was five, I was the “character” in my family. Being the youngest daughter of four girls, I innocently sought after (and claimed) the attention of my family with my super silly dances and crazy mismatched outfits. The crazier my moves, the more reaction I received, which I loved!

Over the subsequent 15 years, I slowly found myself growing up and becoming an “adult.” Sure, I loved the later bedtimes, but the bills and responsibilities were not cool. Life became more serious: earn the diploma, land a job, pay down debt, be responsible…yadda yadda yadda. Finding that inner kindergartner has become harder and harder over the years, which is why Jason and I do what we do. It’s a constant journey to rediscover that childlike me, fighting Adultitis every step of the way.

Well, I found “her” in Chicago on Saturday. [Read more…]

Looking for Life’s Pause Button (Unsuccessfully)

lucy_pumpkinLucy is eleven months old today, and she’s starting to give hugs now.

Holy cow, is THAT ever cool.

Especially because up to this point, she hasn’t been what I’d describe as “touchy-feely.” Sure, she’ll nestle in close if she’s really tired, but most of the time she’s much too independent for any of that mushy stuff. She’s quick to wriggle out of your arms to go exploring and generally do her own thing.

I think the eleven month mark is way too early to be getting glimpses of what the teenage years are going to look like. [Read more…]

A Quick Note About All The Things You Can’t Do

YouTube Preview Image

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but the economy is bad. Like, really bad. It’s not a good time to go out and do anything outlandish, like start a business or invest in learning a new skill. You definitely want to keep risk taking to a minimum, that’s for sure. Oh, and the housing market is still pretty bad — and we’re now getting into the worst part of the year — so don’t even think about trying to sell your home, because no one will buy it. It’s always better to not try at all than to try and fail and be disappointed, right?

*Ahem.* [Read more…]

Whatever You Do, Don’t Wish for This

Don’t ever wish away time.

That’s some advice a nursing home social worker gave herself during one of my speaking programs the other day. I’d asked the audience to imagine having an opportunity to sit bedside with their 99-year-old self. What advice would they receive from their more wise and experienced mentor?

After giving them a few moments to reflect, I invited them to share. That’s when one woman advised, “Don’t ever wish away time.”

What a great piece of advice. And yet we do it all the time, don’t we? [Read more…]

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