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Tinker Series: Cupid Vs Adultitis


This Valentine’s Day, Cupid is going to give Adultitis the noogie it so richly deserves. Make sure you and your sweetheart reap the benefits!

Whether you’ve been together thirty days, thirty weeks, or thirty years, Adultitis has a nasty habit of trying to strip the fun out of any relationship. In order to go the distance, you need to get serious about not taking yourself so seriously.

#CupidVsAdultitis is a free 7-day email series designed to make your relationship way more fun.

Sign up today, and starting on Valentine’s day, you’ll get an email a day for a week. Each day, we’ll send a simple challenge for you and your sweetheart to solve that will add more adventure, laughter and silliness to your relationship. The challenges don’t require a lot of time or money, but if you do them together, they’ll make a huge, long-term impact.

Laugh more. Fall in love all over again. Bring back the spark you enjoyed when you first started dating.

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Kelly Swanson and Jason Hewlett to Present at the 2016 Escape Adulthood Summit!


We like bringing in a special guest speaker to add a unique perspective and flavor to each Escape Adulthood Summit. This year we are excited to welcome TWO dear friends that will absolutely blow you away! I can guarantee you that your life will be better after experiencing their greatness. The only thing that surpasses their level of talent is the quality of their character.

YouTube Preview Image

Jason Hewlett has appeared at over 2,000 events and venues in the last decade as one of the country’s premiere corporate event headliners. Jason has performed in every major casino in Las Vegas, appeared on the nationally televised Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, and received the “Best of State Entertainment Award” in his home state of Utah multiple times. His show is a combination of comedy, music, parody, and over-the-top hilarious impressions, received with standing ovations from audiences worldwide.


Kelly Swanson is a motivational speaker, comedian, award-winning storyteller, and creator of Prides Hollow and the wacky cast of southern characters who have charmed audiences from coast to coast for over 20 years. With wacky wit, powerful stories, and a message you can take back and use on Monday, Kelly make you laugh, help you find balance and purpose, show you how to see beyond your obstacles. She was a featured entertainer for Holland America Cruise Lines, and Our State Magazine calls her one of North Carolina’s funniest women.

As a member of the National Speakers Association, I can tell you that Kelly and Jason are two of the most sought-after and highly respected speakers in the entire world. (We can barely believe that they both agreed to share their talents as part of this year’s Summit.) We want to make sure the only thing that isn’t missing is…YOU!

Reserve your Golden Ticket before they’re all gone!

We’re Presenting at Dream Bank on December 17

We don’t do many public events, so we’re excited to tell you about this one if you live anywhere near Madison, Wisconsin. We’re doing a program on holiday stress and busyness as part of the Dream Big Series at the Dream Bank across from the state capitol on Thursday, December 17th from 6:15 – 7:30 pm.

Here’s the official description:

It’s the time of year for experiencing joy and creating memories with loved ones…but the busyness of the season can drive us batty! Kim and Jason Kotecki, co-founders of Escape Adulthood, will be leading this can’t miss program and sharing their anti-Adultitis message to help us learn to stress less and fill life with more fun, happiness and curiosity. Give yourself a gift that will last all year long and break free from the limitations that might be holding you back from a life of awesome.

The event is free but seating is limited to you have to register in advance to make sure you get a spot.

New Limited Edition Celebrate Everything Calendars are Here!


They’re here! They’re here! We got the new Celebrate Everything calendars back from the printer and they are gorgeous, you guys! If you got last year’s version, you will be blown away by this year’s. At 12″ x 12″, they are larger (Bigger art! More room to write!) and the printing is spectacular, featuring brilliant UV inks and a luxurious, velvety soft cover.

Just like last year, every single day features a real (although sometimes obscure) Adultitis-fighting holiday, typeset in legit, official-looking fine print. Not just the old standards like Valentine’s Day and Halloween, but celebratory occasions like Bubble Bath Day, Bacon Day, and International Ninja Day! Plus, every month features an open-ended challenge to help you keep Adultitis at bay all year long.

If you buy two, you get 25¢ shipping, and you automatically save 20% if you buy 5 or more. You know for things like Christmas gifts for friends, family, clients, and colleagues.

Only 500 calendars have been printed, and they are all signed and numbered by me.

Hurry — get yours now!

We’re Looking to Hire a Chief Evangelist!

fishing_luresAre you a huge fan of our mission to annihilate Adultitis?

Do get giddy over connecting with new people?

Are you a go-getter with experience promoting things?

If you answered yes to each of those questions, keep reading…

We are looking to hire a new team member! We’re calling the position Chief Evangelist. Basically, your job will be to serve as an ambassador for our brand, working closely with us to share Jason’s art and other projects we’re working on with people who haven’t yet heard about Escape Adulthood — but need to!

You will be finding, reaching out to, and following-up with like-minded influencers (bloggers, podcasters, and other media outlets) as well as working to increase engagement among the folks who already consider themselves fans.

We’re launching this as a part-time paid position — roughly 30-40 hours a month — with potential for more down the line. Plus, this position offers ridiculous flexibility: You get to work from home AND set your own hours!

Here are some qualities we are looking for:

  • Passionate about our mission to fight Adultitis.
  • People person with great communication skills.
  • Creative and intuitive.
  • Persistent and organized.
  • Strong comfortability with the internet and social media.
  • Self-starter that’s open to learning new things.
  • Background in marketing or PR not required, but a plus.

Examples of things you’d be doing:

  • Connecting with bloggers to set up book reviews, solicit guest posts, collaborate on giveaways, and get the word out about special projects.
  • Pitching interviews with Jason to bloggers and podcasters.
  • Spearheading fun contests and promotions on social media.
  • Generating and implementing ideas for increasing newsletter subscribers.
  • Building community and increasing the engagement among current fans.

Interested in joining the team? Here’s how to apply:

  1. Fill out this application form!
  2. Record a short 2-3 minute video (doesn’t have to be fancy) telling us something interesting (non-work related) about yourself. Email it to This is optional, but we hope you’ll do it!

Application deadline is October 27, 2015.

One Chance Only Sale: Weeds or Wishes T-Shirt!


My Weeds or Wishes print has been one of the most popular pieces I’ve done in some time, so I thought it might make a cool t-shirt design. We’re offering it on green, indigo, and banana colored shirts.

But not for long.

We like making stuff way more than we like managing inventory, so every once in a while, we create something we think is cool, take orders for a week or so, and then buy the exact number of goodies we need to fill those orders. So whether it’s two or two thousand, we get to make cool things, you get a chance to own them, and we don’t waste any money on stuff that takes up space in our basement.

We call it the “One Chance Only Sale.”

Now, does this mean we will never, ever, EVER offer this product again? Not necessarily. But if you see something you like, your best bet is to snag it while you can. Chances are it won’t be available anytime soon because we’ll be busy creating the next thing.

This premium fitted 100% ring-spun combed cotton crew neck, weighing in at 4.3oz, has an incredibly soft touch. It provides a super fit on both guys AND gals.

If you dig this shirt, get it now, because your chance to own it goes *POOF* on Tuesday, October 6th!

#Notarule Tour Visits the Great Plains Zoo in South Dakota


The final zoo on the epic #Notarule Tour was in Sioux Falls South Dakota. We got to plug into a literacy program at the Great Plains Zoo in which Jason was the guest author.


He got to share some stories from Penguins Can’t Fly, then read the crowd an owl book, introducing screech owls as “rule breakers!”


Then we got to unveil the rule-breaking animal guest, Aries the screech owl. You’d assume it’s a baby because it’s little… nope! You’d assume it is loud because of it’s name… nope! Or that it even screeches… nope! This owl is breaking rules left and right, as his head turns 270 degrees!!


[Read more…]

Como Zoo in St. Paul Hosts #Notarule Tour


We were excited to spend a beautiful Sunday at Como Zoo in St. Paul Minnesota to help promote Penguins Can’t Fly and encourage people to break rules that don’t exist. Especially popular at this stop was the opportunity for parents to draw on their children:


It’s fun being permission granters!


And the results were pretty spectacular:  [Read more…]

SMALL BUSINESS WORKSHOP: How To Make a Living Public Speaking


We make the bulk of our income from speaking, but it wasn’t always this way! Join us for a lively, candid and information-packed program as we share what it takes for “regular people” to make it in the speaking business. From learning the biggest mistakes made by most new speakers (including us!), to understanding how to sell your program without selling yourself, we will get you on the fast track to realizing your dreams on the stage.

It’s going down at the Dream Bank, across from the state capitol in Madison, on Tuesday, September 22 from Noon – 1pm.

The event is free, but there are limited spots and registration is required. Do that here!

Wanna Help Us Hide Marty?


It’s been very exciting to see people finding the prints I’ve hidden as part of our Find Marty Art Drop. It works like this: I hide a limited edition signed print somewhere in the world and post a clue on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. A tiny penguin (aka “Marty”) is included with the print, along with a note containing instructions and a little bit about Penguins Can’t Fly. The winner is the first to find it. If he or she takes a picture with it and tags us online, we send them a free autographed book.

The photos above are some of our favorites, with locations like Green Bay, Louisville, Duluth, McDonald’s Hamburger University and even Metropolis (the hometown of Superman!) represented.

As fun as it is for me to hide these prints all over the place, I’d love to offer YOU the chance to get in on the fun! Would you like to Hide Marty? Here’s the drill:

  1. Email me if you want to play, with the subject: Operation Hide Marty. (Please include a snail mail address in your inquiry.)
  2. I will send you a signed and numbered print to hide in a public place somewhere in your neck of the woods.
  3. Once you’ve hidden it, send me a “clue” photo that gives people an idea of where to look.
  4. We’ll post your clue and if someone finds the print and shares a photo of themselves with it online, we’ll send that person a free signed copy of the book!

This is an exercise in tinkering, so we’ll partner with the first 12 entries and see how it goes. Wanna participate? Email me!

House Party: Escape Adulthood Edition


The #Notarule Tour has taken us to some interesting locations. A bookstore, of course, but also some zoos, ice cream parlors, and an old bank. It’s been a fun chance to experiment, and one of the most “experimental” stops was St. Charles, Illinois.

That’s where we had our first ever house party.

It all came about after all of the locations we had in mind for the Chicagoland area fell through (mostly due to store owners with Adultitis). After one with a full-blown case treated my wife rudely, I took to Facebook to vent. And Beth, who had attended an Escape Adulthood Summit with her husband Chad, offered to host us. At her house.

After confirming she was serious, Kim and I mulled it over. We decided that “Book tour stops shalt not take place in people’s homes” was definitely #notarule. We have long been fans of house concerts, in which traveling songwriters perform for a few dozen people in someone’s living room. Kim and I have been to a few in Madison, and the cozy, intimate setting is super cool. Intrigued by the idea of putting our own twist on it (no one would want to hear me sing, that’s for sure), we decided to give it a shot.


We ended up with about 15 adults, and some children as well, who entertained themselves outside and downstairs. The group was split between the living room and the dining room, and I spoke from the foyer, which joined the two rooms.


I was able to tell some stories from and about Penguins Can’t Fly, and answered questions about the creative process. We also gave everyone the chance to bring something for “Show & Tell,” which was my favorite part. Here a woman named Lauren shares her epic toy keychain collection!


Everyone who wanted to got a chance to take center stage and share their thing. Then we got into a fun discussion about rules…like which ones people were most fond of breaking, and which ones gave them the biggest challenge. [Read more…]

Highlights from the #Notarule Tour: Ice Cream Socials


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Ice cream parlors are among the best Adultitis Hospitals, and we recently visited two as part of our epic #Notarule Tour.

The first was at Pied Piper Creamery in Nashville, Tennessee. This cool place was in a neat little neighborhood and featured some creative flavors, such as “Trailer Trash,” which is Vanilla with Oreo, Twix, Butterfinger, Nestle Crunch, Snickers, M&Ms, and Reese’s Pieces. Lucy was a big fan of that one. I really enjoyed my choice: “Oatmeal Raisin in the Sun.”

Not only was it a beautiful night for hanging out, but we got to reconnect with old friends, and meet new ones, too. It was also cool to meet some people in real life that we’ve been connected with for years online!



I think Ginny was just happy to be out of her car seat.


Our other stop was in Zionsville, Indiana, just outside of Indianapolis. The Scoop is one of the most adorable little ice cream parlors there ever was. Loved their sign, too!


The kids had fun on the rocking chairs on the big front porch, a centerpiece designed to harken back to the slower-paced days of yesteryear.


It was great meeting Alice and Steve, who pulled up in this classic beauty! (Vintage filter added for effect.)


Great to see our dear friend, Michele, who gave us the tip about this sweet shop.


So nice to meet Lisa, who maintains a labyrinth nearby (another type of Adultitis Hospital.)


The Tiller family posed for this silly photo that Adultitis was none too happy about!


Sprinkle-coated shout-out to our great hosts and all the people who came out to say hi and buy a book or print!

Is the #Notarule Tour Coming to a city near you? Find out here.

Diagnosis Adultitis


[ This article by Kim Krueger (featuring photographs by Hillary Schave) first appeared in the August 2015 issue of Brava Magazine. You can see the full spread here. ]

Diagnosis: Adultitis
Kim and Jason Kotecki Have the Cure

When I meet Kim and Jason Kotecki, they are cozied up in a corner booth at Manna Café, on Madison’s East Side, wearing simple T-shirts: hers a vintage grey and covered in charming “Where the Wild Things Are” characters; his a royal purple, with a cuddly looking skunk and the words “Adulthood Stinks.”

In front of Kim sits the pumpkin chocolate chip muffin we’d already bonded about over email. (Manna has “dangerously good homemade pastries—MMM!” she had warned. And she was right.)

Kim had closed each of her emails to me with the signature “Smiles & Shenanigans,” and I could already see that it suited her perfectly: She’s one of those people whose smiles went straight to her eyes. If you’ve ever offered a child a Popsicle and watched her eyes light up—that’s Kim. Jason’s eyes are equally kind, with that faraway thought- fulness that dreamers and deep thinkers tend to have.

Right away, both of them feel like old friends, to the point where our first handshakes feel almost too formal. Like hugs, or at least some hearty high-fives, would make sense. [Read more…]

#Notarule Tour Drops Into Dream Bank in Madison

The Madison stop for the #Notarule Tour was held on Saturday, in conjunction with the beloved Art Fair on the Square, and it was a huge success! We originally wanted to hold it at the local zoo near the penguin exhibit, but like many zoos we ran in to, they weren’t that interested. As fate would have it, the exact morning we got a thumbs down from the zoo is the same day we stumbled into the Dream Bank for the first time.

The Dream Bank is a neat community space sponsored by American Family Insurance. It’s in an old, renovated bank, and they offer all kinds of free community programs, from small business seminars to Pinterest parties. It was love at first site, and we started a relationship that not only includes this Tour stop, but a bunch of presentations Kim and I will be putting on in the next year.


It was such a perfect space for our message, many people commented how they couldn’t tell where their stuff ended and ours began.


Taking advantage of Art Fair on the Square and the fact that my book is chock full of artwork, we made this event part art show, part book signing, part rule-breaking extravaganza.


ekum-crew [Read more…]

Adultitis-Free Audio


In the whirlwind that has been the launch of Penguins Can’t Fly, I have had the great privilege of being the guest on some neat radio shows and podcasts. I wanted to share a few I haven’t already blogged about. They are definitely worth a listen if you are interested in hearing tips about fighting Adultitis, finding balance, and having more fun.

The shot above was from an interview I did on The Joy Cardin Show on Wisconsin Public Radio. The neat part about this experience (besides meeting Joy!) was the opportunity to be live and take calls from listeners. The hour went fast, and we covered a LOT of rules that don’t exist.

elise-podcastI was also recently on Elise Gets Crafty. I first heard about Elise a year or so ago, and although I am not exactly her target audience, I have enjoyed following her blog and podcast. She does a great job of sharing the behind-the-scenes process of her small business, and her podcast is a great resource for creative people of all types. Plus, her Get to Work Book is fantastic. I am totally getting the 2016 version.

My friend Craig Price has a show called Reality Check. I met Craig in New York a few years ago at a National Speakers Association conference. Some folks might wonder why we get along so well, considering he is known for embracing negativity, while I am usually labeled as very optimistic. But I would describe Craig as a “sunny pessimist.” He does a great job of showing us how negativity is useful. And he has a heart of gold. And he’s a dang good photographer. This interview covers a lot of unusual ground, including how I make my art, a confession from me about Stormtrooper armor, and why Craig’s wife makes him sleep on certain sides of the bed at hotels. And I made this title art for the episode!


Next up on the #Notarule Tour: an Art Fair and a House Party!


The #Notarule Tour is a curious cavalcade of unusual events united in the purpose of helping you break rules that don’t exist. Fueled by the message of my new book, this is one unconventional book tour, with stops at all kinds of unexpected places.

We’re taking advantage of the great opportunity to experiment, and we’re really having fun with it. We just had our first stop at a zoo, and in the next week, we have two more unique events going down.

The first is this Saturday in Madison from 1:30 – 3:30 pm at the Dream Bank across from the State Capitol. In conjunction with Madison’s beloved Art Fair on the Square, this is part art show, part book signing, part interactive experience featuring ugly cookie decorating! This is our big hometown release party, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Get details here.

The second is happening on Monday, July 13, in St. Charles, Illinois. Bummed out that we couldn’t secure a spot at Cookie Dough Creations in Naperville, we had a superfan throw out the idea that she and her family would be willing to host a stop at their home. After verifying that she was in fact serious, we figured, “what the heck!” and are excited to invite you to an Escape Adulthood House Party! All are welcome, but we can only accommodate a total of 50 people for this intimate evening gathering. Learn more about the event and how to RSVP here.

For more tour stops, visit

Breaking Rules Can Help You Be Ah-Mazing

I had a wonderful opportunity to sit down for a fun conversation with my dear friend Neen James, who is a productivity guru of epic proportions. Now, many people might put “productivity gurus” into a box of boring, bland and beige individuals who have all these rigid restrictions. Not Neen. She loves the color pink, rides a Harley, and is a first-class rule breaker. We share the sometimes helpful trait where if someone says we can’t do something, we automatically want to prove them wrong, just on principle.

Anyway, please check out what she has going on, and enjoy this fun video conversation about rules, Adultitis, and my new book, Penguins Can’t Fly +39 Other Rules That Don’t Exist.

YouTube Preview Image

#Notarule Tour Stop at NEW Zoo in Green Bay

On Wednesday, Kim and I packed up the animals that live with us and headed up to NEW Zoo in Green Bay for the third #Notarule Tour stop. Fortunately, they all took naps on the way up.


Upon our arrival, we were excited to be stationed directly across from the penguin exhibit. Fitting.


It was a beautiful evening, and we had a steady stream of folks stop by to say hi. We even sold a nice stack of books!



As advertised, we had a bunch of fun rule-breaking activity stations for people to enjoy. Ben used the special coloring pages I made to demonstrate that contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to color inside the lines.


We also have a jar of free scrunchies next to a sign with the rule, “Only children shalt wear pigtails.” Definitely #notarule.

pigtail-girls [Read more…]

#Notarule Tour Kicks Off in Ottawa

The #Notarule Tour officially kicked off this past Saturday in Kim’s hometown of Ottawa, Illinois. A steady stream of people stopped by the Book Mouse, the adorable little independent bookstore that hosted us. It was great to see so many friendly faces and meet some new people, too!

One highlight was that there were representatives from each of the first three Escape Adulthood Summits on hand, including these three (and a few others who didn’t make this photo):


Besides the opportunity to buy Penguins Can’t Fly before its official release date, attendees were also encouraged to engage in a variety of rule-breaking activities, including decorating ugly cookies (notice the penguin shape!):


We think the caterers did a great job of mixing up some of the ugliest frosting we’ve ever seen. And the sprinkles reminded us of kitty litter – perfect! We added Cheese Balls and Bugles to help take the ugliness to new levels.


The first “Find Marty Art Drop” also happened on Saturday. The photo below is a clue to where I hid a limited edition signed and numbered print, with a little Marty attached to it. I have not gotten word yet on who officially found it, but I checked the spot a few hours later and confirmed that the print was definitely claimed. If you want to be the first to hear about future clues, make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Here are some other fun pics from the day. Thanks to everyone who was able to come out and make it such a fun event. And a special thanks to Eileen at the Book Mouse for hosting us! (She still has a few signed copies left, so if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by to grab one!)









To learn more about where the #Notarule Tour is heading next, click here.

Talking Cheese Curds, Entrepreneurship and Giving Back

pclogoI recently had a chance to be on my friend Thom Singer’s cool podcast, appropriately named “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do.”

Thom is a fellow professional speaker, and we actually roomed together at a speaking conference in Miami we both attended earlier this year. He’s a super good guy and we had a fun chat about curiosity, Adultitis, entrepreneurship (which is a topic I LOVE talking about!), and how cheese curds are like crack. My favorite part about the interview was near the end when we talked about giving back, and how we both built it into our businesses from the beginning, even while we were still hustling to make ends meet.

Take a listen online or in iTunes!

A Public Declaration


The picture above is from 2002, eight months after 9/11. I was focused on my comic strip back then and was three years away from the start of my speaking career. We were in New York City for the first time to walk the National Stationery Show. While there, we met a licensing agent who agreed to represent my Kim & Jason artwork. It was so exciting, and it felt like such a big break. It amounted to a handful of small deals, mostly overseas (I think they made some sort of photo album in Japan), but it didn’t really make the dent we’d hoped for.

That was thirteen years ago.

Since then, there have been many little breaks that felt like they might have been bigger. For several years, we flirted with bankruptcy as we scraped and clawed our way to a business model that could sustain itself. There were many tear-filled nights when we wondered if we were crazy. And there was that two-day craft show in which we sold a grand total of four greeting cards for a whopping sum of $7.92 (after which we drained our profit and drowned our sorrows with a $35 meal at Outback.)

Time and time again, we’ve encountered numerous opportunities that seemed like the “big break” we were waiting for. Some crashed and burned into a heap of soldering failure. Many, although falling fall short of our vivid imaginations, blossomed into a sturdy enough bridge that kept us moving forward.

Through it all, Kim and I developed some tough skin. Some might say jaded. But you can only have your high hopes dashed so many times before you start protecting yourself by downgrading your dreams.

And this is why, before this moment, we haven’t told many people about our dream of this book — the one coming out a week from Tuesday — becoming a New York Times bestseller. Because we’ve been down this road before. It’s embarrassing to put your dream out there and have it not come true with everyone watching. It’s easier to not get your hopes up. [Read more…]

Our Unconventional Book Tour


The 2015 #Notarule Tour is a curious cavalcade of unusual events united in the purpose of helping you break rules that don’t exist. Fueled by the message Penguins Can’t Fly, this is one unconventional book tour. There will be stops at zoos, ice cream parlors, national landmarks, a few bookstores, and even an art fair!

Rather than repeating the tried-and-true (but insanely boring) model most “book tours” subscribe to, our goal was to tell a better story by creating fun, memorable, and engaging events and experiences. Most stops will feature opportunities for you and your companions to break one or many rules. Some stops won’t even provide any opportunities to buy books (although if you bring one for me to sign, I’ll give you a free signed print!) A few will offer the opportunity to decorate ugly cookies!

Find Marty Art Drop
Every stop will feature a “Find Marty Art Drop,” in which a small cache of goodies (including an adorable tiny toy penguin, a signed and numbered limited edition print, and instructions for claiming a free copy of Penguins Can’t Fly), will be hidden. Clues will be revealed on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and the winner is the first to find it!

#Notarule Tour Notables:

  • Number of states: 13
  • Number of cities: 25
  • Number of zoos: 5 (we tried for more, but many of them have Adultitis.)
  • IMG_9317

  • I will be bringing along my family (a wife and three kids under seven) for the majority of the stops. This may or may not be certifiably insane. But it’s guaranteed to be memorable.
  • I have a limited amount of time reserved for media interviews. If you would like to schedule a time for a lively chat, please contact his publicist Michelle Cashman at

Click here for an updated list of cities and dates!

Rattling Cages: Behind the Scenes of Our Latest Battle Against Adultitis


Late night planning meeting at Colectivo Coffee across from the State Capitol.

Writing, designing and illustrating Penguins Can’t Fly was easy and fun, at least compared to the marketing, promoting, and selling part of the process. Since the beginning, I knew that the bulk of the latter was on us, not the publisher. This is something that few authors grasp.

You see, with all the books that they publish, there are only so many resources a publisher can put behind a first-time author. (Technically, I am not a first-time author, with four books and several thousands of copies sold, but I AM a rookie when it comes to the traditional publishing game.) St. Martin’s has invested a considerable amount of money in making this a full-color, hardcover book, and for that I’m super grateful.

Since the day we signed the contract, Kim and I have known that creativity is our number one asset when it comes to promoting this book. Especially since we don’t have a ton of A-List blogger friends or a boatload of money to invest in marketing.

A few months ago, one of the women on our marketing team sent us a list of potential bookstores where she could arrange book signings. Although you might consider book signings to be exciting and glamourous, I can assure you that unless you are already famous or have a relatively large online following, they look something like this: you are sitting at a table with a stack of your books. What seems like a thousand people walk by without even a glance. One person stops, picks up your book, puts it down, and walks away, without a single word. Another person stops to ask you where the bathroom is. Finally, another person stops and buys a book. This person is either a) your mom or b) your dad.

So yeah, sign me up for a few weeks of that. Not.

In any case, when you write a book about breaking rules that don’t exist, you kind of put a bit of pressure on yourself to not do things the way they are always done. [Read more…]

Why You’ll Want to Pre-Order Extra Copies of Penguins Can’t Fly


Have you heard? If you pre-order 5 or more copies of Penguins Can’t Fly +39 Other Rules That Don’t Exist, you can score some pretty neat bonuses.

First of all, anyone who orders at least one book from anywhere can email their receipt to and get a special e-Book containing five bonus rules that didn’t make the original cut, a Permission to Break The Rules Coupon book, access to the video of one of my 70-minute speaking programs, and a cache of digital wallpaper. (Details here.)

If you’re interested in buying a bunch of books to share with friends, family, and sworn enemies, you are a committed Adultitis fighter and deserve to be rewarded as such! Of course, you are eligible to receive all of the digital candy mentioned above, as well as some other exclusive prizes. First of all, I will personally sign each copy, and depending on whether you order 5, 10, 25, or 100 books, you can also get:

  • Rules That Don’t Exist” postcards
  • Marty the Penguin eraser
  • Limited edition “Penguins Can’t Fly” t-shirt
  • 16″ x 20″ “Rules That Don’t Exist” giclée print
  • 24″ x 24″ stretched canvas print featuring your favorite artwork of mine
  • A chance to win a complimentary speaking presentation for your company, association, church, or community group.

Learn more about all of the specific deals here.

Wondering what you could possibly do with all those books?

You could just give them out to strangers on a random street corner or build a little fort for your Lego minifigs, but here are some more practical suggestions: [Read more…]

Become an Adultitis Fighter!

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