Unleashing Our Inner Nerd

We recently had the privilege of being interviewed on the Nerdkicks podcast. Founded by Matt Gartland and Mindy Holahan, Nerdkicks is a refuge for adventures in embracing your inner nerd. To them, nerdy skills are actually superpowers, and we couldn’t agree more!

We had a super fun chat with Matt and Mindy, covering a wide range of topics from our origin story and family values to Star Wars and Batman. If only every interview could be so fun! You can check out the interview here.

And be sure to also check out the cool two-part interview with MuppetCast host Steve Swanson.

A Friendly Reminder

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You’re Invited: Escape Adulthood Summit 2012

You are invited to join us for something amazing.

On August 24th & 25th, we are hosting the first ever Escape Adulthood Summit in picturesque Madison, Wisconsin. It will be a wild rumpus of epic proportions.

Part conference, part retreat, part mastermind group, it’s a one-of-a-kind event designed for people instilled with the soaring spirit of childhood. Learn more!

Cheap Family Fun Name Your Price Offer

[Read more...]

Hang Out with Kindred Spirits at the Awesome AATH Conference

People from all over the world are meeting in Chicago for AATH’s 25th anniversary and annual conference, April 19 – 22, 2012, to experience the amazing community of kindred spirits who understand that healthy humor really is the best medicine.

The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor is an international community of professionals who incorporate humor into their daily lives. AATH is the leader in providing evidence-based information about current research and practical applications of humor.

The conference will attract a wide variety of professionals who incorporate humor and laughter into their lives and work, scholars and researchers who study humor and laughter, and people committed to humor and laughter. AATH conferences are life-altering, and the content speaks to neuro-scientists as well as stay-at-home moms.

I am thrilled to be among the list of keynote speakers at this awesome conference. I’m especially excited because I’m not only speaking, I’m also attending!

If this sounds of interest to you, and you want to attend a conference where laughing AND learning are the rule and NOT the exception, then there’s still time to sign up. Let’s hang out in Chicago together!

It’s a Boy! World, Meet Ben.

Benjamin Walter Kotecki was welcomed into the world last Wednesday night at 11:19 pm. Apparently, he was determined to be a November baby! He was born in the water, in our home, under the twinkly glow of Christmas lights and amidst the soft chorus of Christmas carols. The environment was as peaceful, comfortable and magical as we’d hoped it would be. [Read more...]

What’s Worse Than a Ridiculous Combover?

Sometimes I forget to tell you things.

Well, it’s not so much that I forget, but that I decide not to because I’m afraid of what you’ll think of me. [Read more...]

2nd Annual Virtual Halloween Parade Awards

In an attempt to combine the awesomeness of the Halloween parade with the amazing connecting power of the Internets, we hosted 2nd Annual Kim & Jason Virtual Halloween Parade on our Facebook page. Picking winners this year proved to be even more difficult than last year. We received many great entries, but after much deliberation, here are our award winners: [Read more...]

Join the 2nd Annual Kim & Jason Virtual Halloween Parade!

Last year, we combined the awesomeness of the Halloween parade with the amazing connecting power of the Internets and hosted the first annual Kim & Jason Virtual Halloween Parade!

This is the sequel! [Read more...]

Stress Relief Available on an E-Reader Near You

Apparently, ebooks are all the rage these days. They are even beginning to outsell books printed on paper, which I suspect is making forests of spruce trees celebrate with wild abandon. [Read more...]

Get $1,087 in Goodies – Including Cheap Family Fun – For Just $97

We’ve never done one of these fancy limited-time only Internet sales before, so I’m not really sure what to write. I’m sure my headline could probably be better, I should probably be using some special hypnotic language sprinkled throughout this post, and I should probably be pretty liberal with my virtual yellow highlighter.

Whatever. [Read more...]

Fighting Adultitis with a Little Help From Our Friends

Fighting Adultitis is a tireless task. Although we try our darndest to create books, videos, and other cool stuff to help you turn the tide against this evil epidemic, we certainly can’t do it alone. Fortunately, we have some super friends who also have made some neat Adultitis-fighting things. [Read more...]

Cheap Family Fun Caption Contest

This is a screenshot of one of the videos featured in The Kim & Jason Guide to Cheap Family Fun. A while back, we posted it on our Facebook page and asked people to write captions, with the winner receiving a free copy of Cheap Family Fun. We’ve narrowed down the finalists, but choosing the winner is up to you!

Which caption is your favorite?
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A Year’s Worth of Fun. Memories for a Lifetime.

YouTube Preview Image

We’ve spent the last two years working on it. We’ve spent the last month talking about it, here, here, here, and here.

And now, quite possibly the most important thing Kim and I have ever done is finally ready.

It’s called The Kim & Jason Guide to Cheap Family Fun, and it’s a video a week for a whole year with a fun and easy idea for turning good intentions into family memories.

We invite you to watch our short trailer video above. (I still get goosebumps when I watch it!) Then click here to learn more about how to add more fun to your family’s story.

Outtakes: The Making of Cheap Family Fun

YouTube Preview Image [Read more...]

Have You Experienced Family Un-Bonding?

Do you have moments in which even when your family is together, they’re not really together?

Like when you’re driving somewhere, and everyone has their headphones in, watching videos, listening to music, or playing games on their miniature iDevice of choice?

Or when the whole gang is home on a weeknight but each person is working, texting, gaming or television watching from a different room in the house? [Read more...]

The Pajama Run: Essential to Your Family’s Mental Health

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t want more memorable experiences with their family. No one ever said, “Nope, we bond so often and laugh so much and do so many fun things together as it is, I don’t think we need any more, thank you very much.”

Actually, it’s quite the opposite. [Read more...]

Pokey is Missing (and Why That’s Good for You)

[ Click the image to get your own Pokey is Missing t-shirt at the Lemonade Stand. ]

We sure spend a lot of time focusing on (and worrying about) the big stuff. You know, things like the economy. Unemployment. Health care. War. Nuclear meltdowns.

Big, important, paralyzingly scary stuff.

And yet. [Read more...]

Join Us for Project Pancake!

We’re doing something new and a little nuts. [Read more...]

There’s An Adult in My iPad

Since a number of you have asked (a number bigger than one), we are thrilled to announce that our latest book, There’s An Adult In My Soup, is now available for the iPad and can be found on Apple’s iBookstore.


(Now we just need an iPad.) [Read more...]

Virtual Halloween Parade Awards

In an attempt to combine the awesomeness of the Halloween parade with the amazing connecting power of the Internet, we recently hosted first ever Kim & Jason Virtual Halloween Parade on our Facebook page. We received many great entries, but after much deliberation, here are our award winners: [Read more...]

Join the Kim & Jason Virtual Halloween Parade!

I’ve always loved the idea of Halloween parades. I say “the idea of” because when a was a wee child, I was terribly shy and deathly afraid of such inherently public events. But I did always enjoy seeing everyone else’s costumes. (I just would’ve preferred to be invisible.)

Well, we decided it would be fun to combine the awesomeness of the Halloween parade with the amazing connecting power of the Internet. Hence the first ever Kim & Jason Virtual Halloween Parade! [Read more...]

Work Happiness: A Must-Have or Delusional Fantasy?

A while back, I was interviewed by Karl of Work Happy Now. He asked some pretty neat questions that really made me stop and think. I’d been meaning to link to it for a while now. Better late than never, I suppose. Go here for the full interview, but here’s an excerpt: [Read more...]

Art Collecting Just Got Fun. And Functional.

The Golden Birthday. The First Kiss. The New Job. The Milestone Anniversary. Life is filled with big deals. The stuff that sweeps us off our feet and the moments we remember forever. We often mark these occasions with greeting cards, because emails and text messages just won’t do.

But the worst is being stuck without a card and having to make a last-minute trek to find the right one in a rush. Blechh. Talk about a major downer and an epic pain in the butt. Life is busy enough without this extra hassle. [Read more...]