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The Power of Bam

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Yep, it’s official. We need more “Bams” in the world.

I don’t care whether you work at Wal-Mart or on Wall Street, you are viral. More than ever, little things are big deals.

In the fight against Adultitis, you can either be part of the problem or part of the solution.

Which do you choose?

The Phone Call No One Wants To Get


Cooties is pretty devastating.

But Adultitis is probably more so, because at least you can grow out of Cooties.

Awareness is the first step. Better get yourself tested.

Snapshots From Our First Marathon


Training began about a month ago. Perhaps that wasn’t enough time to prepare, especially if you have a hard time jogging around the block without feeling like you have to hurl. But Kim and I had each other to hold ourselves accountable and, as you can see from the photo above, Kim was all business. [Read more…]

The Skipper

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I’m not sure how I feel about this guy. This video is three decades old, but I know one thing for sure: he has no Adultitis whatsoever, as far as I can tell. His secret? Skipping.

“That sensation is absolutely one of the most extraordinarily joyous sensations that a person will ever experience.” –Bill Martinelli, The Skipper (now known as Skip Martin)

I gotta be honest, even though it’s been a while since I’ve been skipping, it’s probably in the top five, for sure. It IS hard not to feel joyous when you are skipping! And I love how he made a business out of skipping. But this is the quote I related to most:

“We started running, and I hated it immediately, like I always did.”

Skipping. The alternative holiday weight-melting activity for Adultitis-fighting anti-runners.

The Seasons of Life and a Stress-Reducing Secret

I became a father a little over four years ago. Before that, my wife and I had been married for eight years and worked together on our small business. We were used to working long days, coming and going as we pleased, and eating out at nice, quiet restaurants. We used to have a Cheerio-free backseat in our car. But now we have two kids, which practically makes me an expert at parenting.

An expert at knowing how little I actually know about it, that is. [Read more…]

Hey Congress. Legislate This.

I couldn’t agree more.

Imagine these being installed in airports.

Imagine these being installed in the offices of all law firms and insurance companies.

Imagine these being installed in every single government building, especially the ones in Washington, D.C.

I dare say that these could bring peace to the Middle East.

Get on it, Congress.

Emergency Compliments

Just being aware of Adultitis doesn’t mean it never beats you once in a while. Some days, it’s all over you like leaves on a wet sucker. On days like that, a well-timed compliment can give you a little perspective and the energy you need to fight on.

In emergency situations, this website will work in a pinch.

Unnecessary Whimsy

Kim and I are big fans of unnecessary whimsy.

The Carmichael Collective is an ongoing project grounded in unnecessary whimsy. Carmichael Lynch, a creative company based in Minneapolis Minnesota, is behind the project, which is an exercise in creativity for creativity’s sake. They created things like the Urban Plant Tags above. As well as these Bug Memorials:

And this Censorship Towel:

While whimsy is defined as “playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor,” unnecessary whimsy might be defined as a bit of whimsy that is not particularly needed. Take these hot sauce packets from Taco Bell, for instance.

The message is whimsical, and yet it has no impact whatsoever on the contents of the hot sauce within. The message does’t make the packets easier to open or change the basic function of them in any way. The Urban Plant Tags, the Bug Memorials, and the Censorship Towel are similar examples of unnecessary whimsy.

And yet whimsy gives our life a much-needed respite from the seriousness of the day-to-day. It brings humanity, humor and levity to an otherwise cold world that often takes itself way too seriously. In fact, whimsy is one of the leading antidotes to Adultitis.

So really, when it comes to unnecessary whimsy, there really is no such thing.

10 Ideas for Having Fun During Long Hospital Stays

Nobody typically thinks about having fun at the hospital. In fact, hospitals are a favorite a breeding ground for Adultitis. Which is a bit of a problem, because humor and laughter have been proven to significantly impact the healing process and lift the spirits of patients and their families. Not surprisingly, Adultitis and boredom really set in when hospital stays extend to days, weeks or even months. Blech.

What can be done to pass the time, keep spirits up, and have fun during these long hospital days? [Read more…]

The Most Awesome Sound in the World

One of the greatest things ever is hearing my kids laugh. Whether it’s a silly little giggle or unbridled belly laughter, there’s no better sound in the world.

It recently occurred to me that God probably feels the same way about his children. [Read more…]

A Simple and “Delicious” Way to Ambush Adultitis

“I enjoy sleep like a good steak.”

Bill Cosby said this, and I couldn’t agree more. [Read more…]

I Just Want A Haircut

July 3, 2009: Okay, we’re a few days shy of seven months as parents. I feel guilty even typing this, because I love Lucy so very much, but I am a bit overwhelmed right now with the 24-7 aspect of parenthood. [Read more…]

How to Feel More Alive

As the belly bump gets bigger and bigger (who am I kidding, it’s no “bump” — at 32 weeks it’s more like I’m hiding a pumpkin under my shirt), I’ve had a couple of people recently ask me why I am choosing (for the seconds time) to have a natural childbirth. There are so many “amazing” drugs out there — why wouldn’t I choose to make my experience less painful?

In discussing this with our midwife, she had a really cool take on it. I’m paraphrasing, but in essence she shared… People want to FEEL their lives. Why do we run marathons? Climb mountains? Learn how to paint? Because we have the desire to FEEL alive.

It’s so true. These big hurdles are not accomplished with a simple amount of effort or desire. They force us to come alive in a new way, to dig deeper than we thought was possible within ourselves, to go far beyond the day-to-day breathing and existing.

So, how do you break out of your rut to start this journey towards FEELING your life (short of getting pregnant — ha!)?

Do something today that FREAKS the hell out of you.

At the start, make it something trivial — something that doesn’t effect your life at all — other than it makes you jump, or scream or almost pee your pants a little. This will help you break out of “existing mode.”

Need some inspiration? Here’s a video of me looking like QUITE the fool, as I muster up the courage to feed a freakin’ crazy-looking Scottish Highland Steer out of my hand. It was the most alive I had felt in days — what an AWESOME feeling!!

Four Magic Words For Helping Those You Love De-stress

For our prenatal care with Lucy’s pregnancy and now with baby #2, Jason and I have had the good fortune of being under midwifery care. It’s truly been a gift that I am humbled by because of the attention, level of care, and love we receive from our midwives. All of our appointments are at least an hour — typically 75-90 minutes — and they come to our home (SUPER awesome with a 2-year-old).

Most couples not working with a midwife say, “What are you talking about all of that time? Our appointments are usually only 20 minutes.” Well, it usually comes down to four simple words they ask, spoken very sincerely, with patience and love: [Read more…]

5 Steps To Overcome Overwhelm

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Overwhelm sucks. It’s crippling and riddles your life with Adultitis. Here are my 5 steps to overcoming overwhelm.

7 Ways to Defeat Adultitis Amidst Chronic Pain

One of our most frequently asked questions is this: “Living an Adultitis-free life is great in theory, but what about people who live with pain? How are you to stay young when health issues prevent you from enjoying life and having normal fun?” [Read more…]

56 Ways To Exercise That Are Actually Fun

We all know the importance of staying active, and of course, burning a few extra calories is never a bad thing for the ‘ol waistline. In fact, more than 120 million Americans, or 64.5% of the adult population, are overweight, and almost 59 million, or 31%, are obese. If you’re like me, however, exercise can sometimes feel like a chore, inducing Adultitis. [Read more…]

The Best Fun You Can Have Indoors Without Breaking Stuff

Kim and I love going on walks. The sub zero temperatures here in Wisconsin have temporarily put the kabosh on that exercise routine. Maybe you’re also feeling a little cooped up and are looking for an activity to make you feel sort of like you’re exercising. How about some balloon volleyball? [Read more…]

A Free Ticket to Better Health & Happiness

If I told you that your life would be better and that you would be healthier and happier if you did something very specific for one hour each day, would you be curious to hear what that one thing is?

It’s free and relatively easy to obtain… [Read more…]

3 Unusual Games To Play in the Snow

snowfightOf course, it’s hard to beat a good old fashioned snowball fight when it comes to getting the heart rate up and burning some calories. We highly recommend at least one slingfest per year. (Just make sure you’re not using ice balls.) Here are a few more untraditional games you can play in the snow:

Build the Biggest Snowball
Break up into teams of two or three apiece. The goal of each team is to roll the BIGGEST* snowball. The end comes when the teams can no longer physically roll their snowball (or you run out of snow.) [Read more…]

6 Ways to Avoid the New Year’s Blues

photo by tony hassall
Do you ever get the blues this time of year? I sure do, and I have a feeling I’m not the only one. On January 1st, you start the year with a natural high associated with a new beginning. A restart. Whew. Finally, permission is granted to try again. Thanks New Year, I needed that!… right? You get a nice dose of self-forgiveness and a recommitment to those dusty goals. It’s a great feeling.

Then, the Christmas tree goes back into the basement and the work week starts. Yikes. Nothing has changed. The to-do list is still impressively long. The temperature is not pleasant. The scale still reads the same number (or higher — darn that fudge). The only difference is the added pressure of unrealistic self-discipline to make changes that you’ve been wanting to make for years. Who needs more pressure and guilt? So, just like that — BAM. We revert back to our comfortable ways. The new perspective was nice while it lasted, but was it ever really attainable?

Well, here are some refreshing — and FUN! — steps to help you avoid those New Year’s blues… [Read more…]

A Healthy Dose of Fun


It’s that time of year again. The beginning of each new year brings with it the inevitable urge to get healthy; to eat better, exercise more, and lose those love handles. Usually the effort lasts a solid week or two and then most of us fall off the wagon.

It seems like one of the reasons for the sudden and predictable collapse comes from our tendency to “adultify” our plans. Our plates get filled with food that would have any self-respecting child running for the hills. And our workout routines involve overly structured regimens and boring reps. Blech. [Read more…]

10 Simple Ways to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Are you overwhelmed? It’s actually one of the worst symptoms of Adultitis. Feeling overwhelmed stinks and let’s be honest, adulthood sure invites this daily, with the bills and responsibilities and all. It’s suffocating. I wish I would’ve 73971669known when I was five just how good I had it. Being overwhelmed can leave you feeling like you’re submerged in quicksand and you’re watching yourself sink deeper and deeper. Yikes!  It clouds your mind, leaving you with little more than a zombie existence, until you’re able to snap out it. But how do you do that? You must prescribe for yourself one (or more) of the following nine treatment plans. Good luck!

1. Nap Attack
Sleep! Everyone loves it. Life is always better after you’ve gotten some Z’s. I am fond of the 20-minute recharge, myself. I look at power naps as if you’re restarting your computer. Start over with a fresher mind.

2. Scribble Scrabble
Many times overwhelm is the result of a very long to-do list existing only in your head. Grad a yellow pad and get it out. Write until your head is empty and you’ll have less clutter upstairs. [Read more…]

Melt Away Pounds With A Classic Childhood Toy

An exercise routine doesn’t have to involve drudging to the gym and doing boring reps. Blechh…that’s SO adult (and not very fun.) Wouldn’t be a novel concept to get the heart rate up and put a smile on your face — at the same time?

Pull that old hula hoop of yours out of storage (or buy one for five bucks at Toys R Us) and let the gyrating begin! Seriously, it’s probably the best and cheapest piece of weight loss equipment you can buy.

According to expert weight loss consultant Jennifer Jolan:

There is only 1 hula hoop exercise that you need to do. Simply twirl it around your waist. You don’t need to get fancy or anything. That’s it. For maximum weight loss using hula hoop exercises, you must use the hula hoop in short bursts… 2 minutes at a time. Using a hula hoop in just 1 session is a mistake. Your metabolism gets much more of a boost doing short mini-workouts throughout the day.

What I like to do is this… I use 2-minute tv commercials to exercise. I’ve found this to be best for results… as well as best for my busy schedule. This allows me to watch tv and relax, but still workout for about 22 minutes over 1 hour. (Note: There are about 22 minutes of commercials and dead time during a 1 hour tv show.)”

So there you have it. The hula hoop as a weight loss gadget. Fun comes standard, and the melting pounds are a nice side effect. Send us photos or a video of YOU having fun with a hula hoop, and we’ll send you a fun prize!

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