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nullAdultitis affects us all in big (and small, really annoying) ways. How does it show up in YOUR life? If you could ask us any question about your most challenging work/life balance issue or source of stress caused by the the “Big A,” what would it be?

We’re here to help! We love getting questions, and often answer them on our blog, videos, and speaking programs. Just type in your question below (be as specific as possible) and then enter your first name and email address. If we think we can help, we’ll follow up with some ideas or resources. And rest assured that if we do answer your question in one of our public forums, we’ll keep you anonymous.

Even the simplest questions are important. There’s a very good chance lots of other people are curious about the exact same thing. Meanwhile, Adultitis is secretly hoping that it can continue to fly under the radar. Put its panties in a bunch and ask away!

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