How to Adultitis-Proof Your Wedding


A wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. But it can also be a breeding ground for Adultitis. This sinister foe downright salivates at events involving formal wear, the merging of families, and an expectation that everything is supposed to go perfectly.

Is it possible to Adultitis-proof your wedding?


But it requires a mindset that decides you’re going to have fun no matter what the caterer messes up or your mother-in-law does.

It also helps to incorporate some ideas that send the message to you and your guests that Adultitis is not invited. I’ve been collecting some of my favorite best Adultitis-free invites, favors, photo-ops and more on a Pinterest board.

What are YOUR favorite ideas for Adultitis-proofing a wedding?

Thy Laundromat Shalt Be Boring and Unappealing


“There’s nothing about a washing machine which says it has to stand in an unpleasant space.” — Ruud Belmans, Creative Director of Pinkeye

He’s right, you know. Washing machines may come with bulky instruction manuals written in seven different languages, but there has never been one printed with a rule stating that it should stand in an unpleasant space. Rules that don’t exist are EVERYWHERE, but they are so ingrained in us that we don’t even consider the benefits of breaking them.

The Belgians who dreamed up Wasbar did when they set out to design a new kind of laundromat. [Read more…]

The Phone Call No One Wants To Get


Cooties is pretty devastating.

But Adultitis is probably more so, because at least you can grow out of Cooties.

Awareness is the first step. Better get yourself tested.

My Birthday Comeback Story

Birthdays come with a a lot of pressure! Everyone — including myself — hopes that it’s a GREAT day.

Some years this greatness is easier to achieve than others. Last year was a breeze. We played hooky as a family, savoring the early spring weather at the zoo. It was a VERY awesome day!

But this year (my 35th) was shaping up to be a real challenge. [Read more…]

How to Guarantee an Adultitis-Free Dinner Party

Adultitis would have us believe that it’s unbecoming for an adult to play with his or her food. Apparently, Polish designer Boguslaw Sliwinski (say that three times fast) didn’t get the memo.

He has designed a series of plates that invite you turn your meal into an action scene.

Now you tell me: what are the odds that Adultitis makes an appearance at a dinner party featuring plates of this nature?

A is for Adultitis


Sarah lives in Minnesota. She wrote this poem last year for an 8th grade school project after I spoke at her church. Apparently the talk was a hit, coincided with an assignment to compile a book of poems, and served as inspiration for this cool bit of prose. Enjoy!

Adultitis by Sarah Weber

A child’s imagination
Blooms in their rooms
Castles and
Dragons and
Even more. They
Figure out what to do.
Give them blocks
Hurry back
In minutes there’ll be
Junctions and bridges.
Kids can make anything
Lots of fun
Many adults
Not knowingly look past
Obvious creative
Past times
Quickly a child would
Run to the
The reason is simple, adults are
Unwilling to find the
Very creativity that
Would save them from Adultitis
X-rays can’t cure
Your mind. You decide if you become a
Zombie! Be more childish!!! Save yourself from this epidemic! Call the toll free 1-800 number on the bottom of your screen. No, I’m just kidding don’t call that number. Have a great day.

1-800-249-5555 =)

You Are Viral


My son Benjamin is only 15 months old, and he is a natural born flirt.

On a recent family vacation to Santa Barbara, Ben made friends with approximately 7,235 people. He doesn’t say much, but then again, he doesn’t need to. His bright eyes and broad smile do all the work for him. Whether it’s sitting on airplanes, waiting in lines, or dining at a restaurant, Ben is constantly scanning for someone to smile at. And if you catch his gaze, watch out. Women are stopped dead in their tracks, and grown men are immediately drawn into silly games of peekaboo. When Ben smiles at you, no matter what kind of mood you’re in, you can’t help but smile back.

He’s viral.

According to Wikipedia, something is viral if it is able to induce some agents to replicate it, resulting in many copies being produced and spread around.

I can guarantee this: there were more smiles in Santa Barbara last week then there would have been if Ben had stayed home.

But here’s the thing: you’re like Ben. You’re viral, too.

Your attitude is contagious. It spreads to people around you. If you want, you can spread smiles, enthusiasm, and optimism wherever you go. Of course, you can also be a harbinger of Adultitis. None of us live in a bubble, we are each impacted by the people around us.

It’s often said that we should be the change we wish to see in the world. Sometimes a big change can begin with a simple smile.

Like it or not, you are viral.

What are you spreading?

Why Capn’ Crunch, the Trix Rabbit and Toucan Sam All Have Adultitis

I have never once considered the sugar-laden cereals that warm my heart and gladden my belly to be laced with Adultitis. Not once.

That is, until I came across a cereal that was born in 1988 called Cröonchy Stars. Although 80s were my halcyon years of cereal eating, I’d never heard of them until my friend Lisa brought them to my attention a few weeks ago. The brainchild of Jim Henson and featuring his Muppet character The Swedish Chef, Cröonchy Stars was a cinnamon toast flavored cereal packaged in a box peppered with ridiculous, and sometimes unsolvable, games and puzzles. One time it included a contest to see how many times you could find the word “rutabaga” hidden on the box and how many times it was spelled correctly. [Read more…]

A Dog’s Guide to Fighting Adultitis

Can animals have Adultitis? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure humans are the only species that have the mental baggage to succumb to the wiles of this dreaded condition.

Now, even though animals are, by default, Adultitis-free, dogs appear to be the most obviously so. There are actually many things we humans can learn from our canine companions when it comes to fighting Adultitis. After her dog Lucy passed away last year, Liz Danzico wrote a pretty neat list of things she learned from her furry friend. Good tips for life, good tips for Adultitis-fighting, indeed: [Read more…]

Family Turns Christmas Eve Dinner Into a Barbarian Affair

twisty-strawOne of the attendees of last summer’s Escape Adulthood Summit was inspired by the Barbarian birthday party we held to celebrate our son Ben turning one. She wanted to have one with her family on Christmas Eve, but she was worried about how it would be received. Unsurprisingly, it would be quite a departure from their normal holiday traditions.

Judging by the pictures she sent, it seems like it went over pretty well. (Bonus points for the twisty straw!)

Sometimes the biggest hurdle to initiating a Small Rebellion is our own fear. That feeling of dread or uncertainty is Adultitis’ last stand against against you. 90% of the time, our attempts at a Small Rebellion will be well received and much appreciated. So maybe it falls flat the other 10% of the time.

The cool thing? In either scenario, Adultitis loses.

7 Foolproof Ways to Feel Less Alive

Dear friend,

Do you ever suffer from that dreaded emotion of feeling alive? Are you always complaining about that spring in your step, the annoying perception of joy in your heart, or the gnawing sense that you’ve found your purpose in life?

If you ask me, no one should have to live that way, and it’s my mission in life to prevent these sorts of unfortunate conditions. Naturally, there are a host of things that will try and trip you up. Without even realizing it, you can find yourself feeling alive at no fault of your own. Here is a list — by no means is it exhaustive — of certain things you’ll want to steer clear of: smiling babies, as well as all puppies, bunnies and kittens, circuses, water parks, dolphin shows and magic shows, oversized stuffed animals, silly string, bean bag chairs, helium-filled balloons, and of course, Pop Rocks.

Besides all that, here some very effective techniques for turning your situation around: [Read more…]

Las Vegas: A Reflection of the Adultitis Within Us

Las Vegas is stunning in its grandiosity, clever in its marketing, and is awash in über talented people and beautiful design.

Las Vegas is also a loud, bold, and damning example of how far we’ve come from the childlike hallmark of delighting in the little things. [Read more…]

Denver Neighborhood Bans Children’s Sidewalk Drawings

Apparently, chalk drawings of hearts and flowers is a “distracting and offensive blight” on a Denver community. The homeowner’s association in three-year-old Emerson Cohen’s neighborhood has temporarily banned children from drawing on sidewalks, saying “anything that offends, disturbs or interferes with the peaceful enjoyment is not allowed on shared spaces.”

Yeah, because children’s chalk drawings wreak all kinds of havoc on my peaceful enjoyment of pretty much anything. [Read more…]

The Most Awesome Sound in the World

One of the greatest things ever is hearing my kids laugh. Whether it’s a silly little giggle or unbridled belly laughter, there’s no better sound in the world.

It recently occurred to me that God probably feels the same way about his children. [Read more…]

G’Day Mate: Adventures in Expanding Your Comfort Zone

I often wonder why I care so much about what other people think.

I shouldn’t, and I like to think I don’t, but I do. Not always, but more often than I should.

The irony is that the worst-case scenario is always the most terrifying when it stays in our head. If we were to actually speak our fears out loud — to shine light upon them — we would realize how ridiculous it is that we allow them to enslave us.

When Kim and I wrote The Escape Plan, we identified this unfortunate but all-too-common trait that keeps us tied down and hastens the spread of Adultitis. And so we wanted to include a challenge to address it. We called it, “G’Day Mate,” and it was simple: Talk in a phony voice or accent to a complete stranger.

Simple, but not easy. [Read more…]

Are You Hanging Out with the Wrong Crowd?

Back when you were a kid, your mom warned you about those people. They were the ones up to no good, always involved in various nefarious activities. They were the burnouts, the troublemakers, the future inmates.

We may no longer be in high school any more, but Mom’s warning still holds water.

If you want to avoid Adultitis, you need to stay away from the wrong crowd at all costs.

You may have trouble recognizing the wrong crowd these days, because they are not easily recognized by their missing homework, black death metal t-shirts, and ever-present fog of cigarette smoke. [Read more…]

This Little Piggy Shared His Light

This picture was sent from Kim & Jason Nation member Jill Bodwin. She shared, [Read more…]

14 Fun Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for the Young at Heart

You might think that decorating Easter eggs is by default an Adultitis-free activity.

Not necessarily.

If the decorating of eggs is something that’s become more of a chore, or if you’re doing it a certain way because you’ve always done it that way…well, that makes Adultitis happier than a hippie in a hemp store.

Perhaps this is the year to mix things up. Here are some fun ideas… [Read more…]

Adultitis-Fighting Tool: The Mom Binder

Thirty-seven weeks and counting. Baby “Poom” (as Lucy has fondly named her little sibling) should be arriving soon, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t anticipating like crazy. Will it be a boy? A girl? Who will he/she look like? How will Lucy adjust? So many things to daydream about… and, oh yeah, I’m ready to be a mobile person again — instead of a Weeble. Luckily, Lucy is low to the ground and helps by picking things up for me. I just wish she could tie my shoes! [Read more…]

Keeping Your Facebook Adultitis-Free

YouTube Preview Image

If you’re one of the 750 million Facebook users, you need to be aware that it may be infecting you with Adultitis, without your full written consent. Be sure to take these simple steps towards avoiding Adultitis on Facebook.

Another way to keep Adultitis at bay on Facebook is by liking US!

On Darth Vader, Adultitis and Our Wedding Day

Last Friday, Jason and I celebrated 11 years of being Mr. & Mrs.

In true “Escape Adulthood” fashion, we played hooky in the afternoon and enjoyed a beautiful spring day in Madison together — just the two of us. Lunch outside by the lake, a nice stroll down State Street, dreaming together by the water. Our boss didn’t even care!! :)

It’s fun to think back to our wedding day. There were so many amazing little moments that I like to savor. [Read more…]

Fighting Adultitis with a Little Help From Our Friends

Fighting Adultitis is a tireless task. Although we try our darndest to create books, videos, and other cool stuff to help you turn the tide against this evil epidemic, we certainly can’t do it alone. Fortunately, we have some super friends who also have made some neat Adultitis-fighting things. [Read more…]

Small Rebellion #1: Project Pancake!


We’re doing something new and a little nuts.

We’ve been writing a lot lately about this idea of small rebellions, those small but mighty acts of defiance against the rules that don’t exist and the most effective way of defeating Adultitis. Over the past months, we’ve been sharing examples from people who’ve inspired us. And we’ve decided it’s time to take things to a new level. To get even more people involved and mount a campaign that really puts Adultitis on the defensive.

And so we’re thrilled to announce our first-ever officially-sanctioned Small Rebellion. [Read more…]

7 Ways to Defeat Adultitis Amidst Chronic Pain

One of our most frequently asked questions is this: “Living an Adultitis-free life is great in theory, but what about people who live with pain? How are you to stay young when health issues prevent you from enjoying life and having normal fun?” [Read more…]

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