Ben’s Barbarian Birthday Bash

Our nephew Caden was a big fan of going “Barbarian.”

A few months ago, as our son Ben’s first birthday was approaching, Kim and I wondered how we could make his party special. We were well aware of the fact that he would remember precisely none of it, so our focus was actually about making it memorable for the guests. [Read more…]

Birthday Balloon Bonanza!

Here’s a cool idea for celebrating birthdays in a fun and meaningful way. If the birthday boy or girl is turning 30, fill that many balloons with helium and attach a ribbon for each year of the person’s life at the end of the balloon. Be sure to number each photo. (An optional step would be to add a message on the back of each one.) Then hide them somewhere and wait for the birthday surprise!

Of course, the older your special someone is, the more work you have cut out for you. But then again, that just makes the end result all the more spectacular!

Hat tip: Sarah-Lyn of Lovely Green Lifestyle

An Easy Way To Add Magic To Life

My word for 2012 has been “magic.” No, I have not been learning any card tricks, but rather the goal has been to infuse more magic into the lives of people I touch. One thing that has struck me time and again is that it doesn’t have to cost a lot of effort or money. Like many things, whether it’s creating more magic, making more scenes with your family, or spicing up a marriage, all you really need is the desire and a tiny bit of imagination. [Read more…]

The Shocking Meal Miss Manners Doesn’t Want You To Know About

As casual as our culture sometimes seems, we are still quite uptight in many areas. Much of it comes from caring about what other people think of us. [Read more…]

90 Candles: A Guide to Making Birthdays More Memorable

Birthdays can be a mixed bag. I know people who look forward to them and find creative ways to notify everyone that their big day is coming up. Then, there are those who clam up and do their best to make sure no one knows they are turning a year older. “It’s just another day,” they say in their best Eeyore tone.

People seem to either LOVE ’em or dread ’em.

But dreading your birthday is the epitome of Adultitis, isn’t it?! [Read more…]

How To Bring The Best Gift to Your Next Birthday Bash – EA Show #36

It’s always a challenge to think about what to get for the birthday boy or girl. You want something unique, something they don’t already have, but there’s always a lingering question of whether or not we really need more STUFF. On this week’s show, we tell you the best gift to bring to your next birthday bash.

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  • Save the date for Thursday, September 3rd at 8:00 p.m. CST. Tune in to watch our first LIVE show!
  • Share your best birthday memory in the comments section for a chance to win the big prize we talked about during the show.

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Ugly Sweets

One of my favorite parts of this time of year is the sweets… Christmas cookies, fudge.. mmm! My very thoughtful sister-in-law brought over some of our favorites, knowing that I wasn’t going to get any made this year (with Lucy’s arrival and all). Some of my best childhood memories involve making and decorating cut-out cookies with my family. I’m sure the finished products weren’t always the most appetizing (think LOTS of sprinkles), but my dad always seemed excited to eat them and proud that we worked so hard. (What a great dad!)

We recently got a message from Terry and Terry Estness, a husband and wife from Wisconsin. Their family has a unique and very childlike baking tradition… they make ugly baked goods. Terry shared: [Read more…]

The Birthday Hat

by Sue Gudenkauf

How do I Escape Adulthood?

I’ll tell you, family brings out the best of this in me. For my birthday this year, I happened to take a road trip with my sister, her husband, 3 nieces, and my parents to visit my oldest niece in college about 10 hours away. It wasn’tSue’s Hat just my birthday, but I also share a birthday (1 day apart) with my now 17-year-old niece. In the spirit of a road trip, I wanted to help make her birthday extra fun and silly (like she would do with her friends). So, I decided to start a new family tradition and being that my birthday was the very next day, I knew I would have to follow in accord. So, the day before we left, I (on a whim) bought a Jester hat from the Lemonade Stand to have the birthday girl wear it on her special day. Needless to say, with that hat on, you couldn’t walk into a restaurant, gas station, store, hotel or anywhere without getting a smile from someone coupled with comments that ensued from strangers….’Nice hat!’….’Way cool’…..’Love the hat!’….’Way to go!’ [Read more…]

Adultitis Case Study #2: The Birthday

Adultitis affects billions of people across the world. When left unchecked, it can downright ruin lots of otherwise festive occasions, including birthdays. The Cure Adultitis Institute has released another case study documenting the serious nature of this deadly condition. Watch this video, but be warned: it’s pretty depressing.

Adultitis always is.

YouTube Preview Image

Don’t forget to send this video on to all of the people you care about. And the test is just a click away.

Birthday Blues

I ran across this blog today entitled “Tomorrow is Another Day” by a woman in Japan who goes by “Middle-Angel.” She commented about her birthday,

‘Yesterday I turned 54. Just unbelievable. I’m not wise enough for my age. I’m not deep enough for my age. I’m not generous enough for my age. In conclusion therefore, I should go much further to make myself accomplished.’

I think Middle-Angel’s thoughts are pretty common. Especially when we move closer to landmark birthdays (the ones with the 0’s in the ones place), we start freaking out about our lives and what we’ve done with the time we’ve been given. What actually makes one ‘accomplished,’ anyway? [Read more…]

A Happy Birthday

My family assembled this past weekend at my brother’s new apartment here in Madison for my Dad’s 52nd birthday party. We all chipped in for a brand new DVD player. His old one was out of commission because “someone” inadvertently put two DVDs in at once. DVD players don’t like that. When the disgruntled DVD player refused to eject the discs, my Dad decided to take matters into his own hands and disassemble the thing. And as life will teach you, taking something apart is much easier than putting it back together. Thus, the need for the new DVD player.

But I digress.

[Read more…]

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