Top eCards of the Week

Life is like a box of cereal. And you're like the really cool hard-to-find prize.

I was going to make a homemade Valentine, but the noodles kept falling off.

You make me smile. Happy Valentine's Day!

I love when we're together.

It's all mine! (But I'll share if you'll be my Valentine)


You're Super Cool. Won't you be my Valentine?


Top eCards of the Year

Get Well.

Mom! I'm going out to loot and plunder the neighborhood...

You made me smile. Thanks.

Birthdays are a great time to reflect on many mysterious wonders, like the meaning of life, the existence of God, and cheese in a can.

FLASH:: Build-A-Snowman

If not for this thinking cap I found, I may have forgotten your birthday altogether.

Dream Big. Isn't that what birthdays are for?

What's Up?