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Sugar High: Slime Daisies
give fans a rush

By Chris Hollenback, Rolling Stome

Watch out Madonna. Move over, Creed. The next Dave Matthews Band could already be playing in your back yard – literally. Touring with such hits as “The Broccoli Song” and playing to crowds of four or five in driveways on their block, the Slime Daisies are knocking on MTV’s door.

The band’s manager – a skunk named Stinky – agreed to set up an exclusive interview with Rolling Stome, provided we photograph his good side (his tail).

The band’s lead singer, Jason, 5, leans back on the yellow slide in his backyard during the interview, puffing on a candy cigarette. “The tabloids are wrong, I’m not hooked on these,” he says. He wears a classic Superman shirt with a cool aid stain on the left side and his patented sunglasses his mom bought him at the dollar store. “They’re the coolest,” he says.

Meanwhile, Kim, 4, the drummer, sits on a swing nearby with her hair in pigtails and wearing a black Slime Daisies shirt with matching black plastic shoes. She glances over at their xylophone player, Dougie, who picks up a handful of dirt and puts it in his mouth. An unmistakable aroma of Old Spice fills the air – it’s from Stinky. The band, given their sudden rise to stardom, is surprisingly forthcoming about their roots.

“I found a guitar one day when Kim was grounded,” Jason says. “I picked it up and started to play and I realized how natural I was. I knew right then and there I'd hit the big time.”

“I've been playing the drums ever since I was little,” Kim says.

“I found Dougie playing the xylophone and thought he'd be a good fit,” Jason says. “I think every band needs a xylophone player.”

Kim interrupts. “I found Dougie!”

“Whatever,” Jason says. “Before I found the real guitar, I used to practice with an air-guitar – my dad’s tennis racket. I think that's why I'm so good with a real guitar; from all the practice.”

“Why, yes, Jason, your stage presence is especially developed from all of that jumping off the couch while you were playing air guitar to Van Halen,” Stinky interjects.

“I've been playing the real drums ever since I was little,” Kim says. She can’t sit and listen too long, but longer than Prince. “Pizza Pete has been a big influence on me,” she says. “He makes great pizza and is always so funny.”

Dougie has progressed to chewing on his xylophone mallet. “Sometimes Dougie doesn't talk much,” his big brother explains. When asked who their favorite rock artists are as they are growing up, Jason isn’t afraid to talk.

“I don't think I know any artists who paint on rocks. But I drew a truck on a rock with markers once.”

“I think he means like music artists,” Kim says. “My sister likes that one band Hairosmith. And Britley Spears. And that one group with the cute boys. That's who I like too.”

“Oh,” Jason says, looking down, kicking dirt and placing his pointer finger on his lips. “I knew that. My favorite band is The Slime Daisies. That's our band.”

Suddenly Dougie breaks his silence. “Boo Baa Bee Bee!” Kim translates.

“Dougie likes the band at Pizza Pete's. Good one Dougie!”

So is Aerosmith their dream collaborator?

“What's a collabrador?” Kim asks.

“It's a dog, Kim,” Jason explains.

“Oh, I love dogs! I asked my Mom for one but she wouldn't let me. She bought me a fish instead. But it died.”

“Because you killed it,” her older sister says, walking by with her sunscreen in hand.

“Not on purpose! I was trying to teach it some tricks!”

Keeping the young musicians on the subject is a challenge, but after a few graham crackers we’re back to discussing their music careers.

“I think my best song is ‘The Broccoli Song,’” Kim says. She writes all of the band’s music. “It's about broccoli. I don't like it, but my mom still always makes it but I don't like to eat it because it's gross. So I wrote a song about it.” ( Read More >> )