#20: Instant Karma

The Challenge: Right an old wrong.

kim_flexing.jpgMy “old wrong” has to do with a promise I make to Jason and myself years ago. When Jason and I were just married we promised each other that we would stay “in shape” for ourselves and for each other. We were both in high school sports and tried to stay active afterward, but it was much easier to slack off and not exercise once we went through college and beyond. Life just happens and unless regular exercise if scheduled in, it just doesn’t happen. Two years ago Jason and I found a program that really worked for us: “8 Minutes in the Morning” by Jorge Cruise. I have been faithfully doing my 8 minutes of exercises every morning, but I know I also need to push myself further. I tend to do the “easier” exercises and skip out on cardio. Today I spent a while on Jorge Cruise’s website reading articles about health and fitness. I read that if you don’t have time to do cardio 30-45 minutes 5 times a week then you should do 15 minutes of interval training.

So I have made a new morning schedule which gives me more time, allowing for my 8 minutes, plus 15 minutes of interval training. I feel great about this recommitment to my health. I know that I always feel better about myself and have more energy when I make exercise a priority.

fisher_price_school_bus.jpgEarl makes it look so easy. But maybe that’s because I don’t have a well of convenient store heists and have never faked death to break up with a girl. When thinking of a past wrong to make right, I went back to childhood for some less than stellar life moments. When I went to The Field Museum (see Challenge #18), I stole an arrowhead from the gift shop. I’m not really sure how to fix that one, considering I’m not sure that I still have the arrowhead — perhaps Karma took it back. But then I thought about my brother Dan. We had some pretty heated rivalries back in the day. I am responsible for a scar on his forehead that occurred when I threw a Fisher Price school bus at him. I also had a big hand in breaking his arm on a flagrant foul while playing basketball.

Well, Dan and I have grown up and have a pretty good relationship these days, but it occurred to me that I never really did apologize for some of these terrible crimes. I called him up this afternoon to apologize for the school bus incident, the broken arm debacle, and for generally being a jerky older brother. He accepted my apology with an outbreak of laughter. Silly, I know, but I do feel a little better to get that off my chest.

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vote.gifSo, who was most creative with today’s challenge? Who went beyond the comfort zone and put the biggest hammer on Adultitis? Who did a better job of capturing the spirit of childhood, Kim or Jason? Cast Your Vote!

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8 thoughts on “#20: Instant Karma

  1. I agree with Jason, this would have been a lot easier if my name was Earl. 🙂 I thought about this for a long time and I need to right a wrong involving my younger brother as well. When he was “little” (I really don’t remember how old either of us were) I told him that Santa Clause wasn’t real. I know, I’m Evil Incarnate. I’m hoping that he was old enough that he was just pretending for mom and dad’s sakes. I called the busy college student and had to leave a VOICE MAIL. Hopefully he forgives me and he’ll enjoy many Christmases to come.

  2. I paid off a “debt” to my Mom – owed her money from her purchasing few family Christmas presents – she was stubborn about letting me repay her, but it felt good to get it off my chest. And I WILL repay her somehow, monetarily or otherwise.

  3. Tonite I apologized to LInda for being such a jerk when we were dating. (When I apologized LInda laughted pretty hard).
    We dated pretty steady for 5 years before we got hitched but boy oh boy did I ever rock the boat. Just about every spring I got spring fever and I got this crazy notion that I could do better and that I wanted to play the field, test the waters so to speak. Every time I came crawling back like a jerk after friends and big bro told me I had the ONE for me already. I can’t imagine what was going thru Linda’s mind as I did my annual stupidity stunt! But as a large mallet hits a cartoon character in the cartoons, I finally saw stars and came to my senses!
    And here we are 35 years later still together with 3 sons, 3 great daughter in laws and 2.9 grandchildren! Sorry Linda!

  4. Well, I’m not sure it would be considered an active “wrong” that I did to someone, more of a “wrong of omission’ if you will. Last Christmas, as in 2004, one of my cousins asked me to print off a particular photo of my grandfather from the family book I made. I had not until today sent it to her. It is printed and awaiting her address. I really do feel good about following through on that even though it’s late.

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  6. The other day, I was running through my mind of wrongs I’ve done & where to start in righting one. It came to my mind of something I did when I was a senior in high school against my mom. I had asked my aunt to make my prom dress before speaking to my mom about it. I didn’t even ask my mom if she would have wanted to do it. I thought I was doing a helping by not putting one more thing on her plate at the time, but in reality, if I was her, I would have been really hurt. So, needless to say, when I had dinner with my parents the other night, I apologized. It felt good to tell her aloud because I still feel bad about that one. I told my parents they should start making a list of all the stupid stuff I did to hurt them when I was a teenager. My dad said, ‘One has to start with their own list before they can start making lists for someone else.’ Good perspective!

  7. My ex-husband and I are best friends.
    His mother and I were very close. I lived with her and took care of her for a year while she had psorisis of the liver. She passed away about four years ago.

    I loved his mother, and Mom had a dog named Zoey, who came to live with us when she passed. Zoey is at least 17 years old… this dog is ancient, and she irritates me constantly. Over the past year I’ve been getting meaner to her, not hitting her, but definatly not being nice. Grumblings under my breath, Yelling at times, putting her into another room so she doesn’t hurt the little ones or just because she’s breathing too hard.

    A few weeks ago I decided to be nice to her, and Karmically things started happening to me immediatly. Things like, finding 300$ on the ground, or getting a HUGE amount of change back from the cashier. Then I started getting frusterated at her again and I started getting bad things (having to pay 650$ in the electric bill… NOW!), childcare fees when the ex should be paying them.

    Suddenly I’m thinking… Ok.. don’t be mean to the dog… lets see what happens!

    Karmically, my life is controlled by a dog… how utterly ironic!

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