#21: Thanku Haiku

The Challenge: Write a haiku about the things you are thankful for and put it somewhere to serve as a reminder.

Writing a haiku was tricky because I really had to choose the words very carefully. I can honestly  say that each of the words I picked were “gold” to me. Only having 17 syllables to work with was frustrating, but in the end I think it forced me to pick out the things in my life that I really am most thankful for.

So, without further ado, my haiku….(since I didn’t rhyme in the actual haiku, I thought it was a nice touch to rhyme here)…

God’s peace, grace, joy, truth
Jason, family, friends, health
Childlike faith, hope, love.

I had so much fun with this, I wrote two haiku. I submit the first to the “delight in the little things” category:

ipod for my songs
rainy days for reading books
and stuffed crust pizza 

…and this one for the “let’s be serious for a second” category:

kim my lovely wife
a smile that cheers me right up
she likes noodles too

Dark Room Confessionals:
Bonus Video: Kim | Jason


vote.gifSo, who was most creative with today’s challenge? Who went beyond the comfort zone and put the biggest hammer on Adultitis? Who did a better job of capturing the spirit of childhood, Kim or Jason? Cast Your Vote!

Tomorrow’s Challenge: Audio Sneak Peek

10 thoughts on “#21: Thanku Haiku

  1. No surprise to some, I didn’t know what a haiku was until I looked it up in the dictionary! Here’s mine:
    Kahley, Kerrigan
    one more on the way, maybe
    today or tonight

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