Kim Wins Escape Plan Challenge

arm_wrestling.jpgThe official tallies are in! Kim is the winner of the Escape Plan Challenge, claiming victory by a slim margin. Out of 39 total challenges (the 40th challenge was a joint effort) Kim won 21 challenges, and Jason won 18. The entire competition was neck-and-neck all along. Six challenges were decided by one vote. Of those, Kim won 4 and Jason won 2. Kim also won the "popular vote" capturing 51% of the total votes cast.

Thank you to everyone who followed along. Now it’s YOUR turn! Pick out any of the challenges and put your own slant on it. Share your solution in the comments section of the challenge. Or get some friends together and see if you have what it takes to make it through all 40 challenges!

Good luck — an Adultitis-free existence awaits! 


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